ok so..this is directed mostly towards someone who isn't on this site...yet...
2004-02-18 22:31:24 ET

someone ever said stuff to you that was so incredibly sweet that it made you cry?

happened to me twice tonight..same person both times.

so thank you to that person for reminding me that it's ok to feel and to be cared for. and for making me smile and even for making me cry.

i appreciate everything you've said to me, and i know you don't do it to win points or just to be nice, but that's what makes it even more sweet. cause you mean it.

and my email i sent you was supa lame-o, but i meant every word of it. i really am glad that i get to talk to you, and you can ask kandess, it's quite obvious that i stick around most of the time just to see if you'll show up.

so yeah i know you'll see this cause i'm about to link you here..plus even if i didn't, i'm sure kandess would ;)

so umm..yeah a heartfelt thanks and all that good stuff mixed in :)


2004-02-19 10:12:12 ET

awwww *grins*

2004-02-19 10:14:09 ET

i was told "kandess is going to have a hay-day with that post you know?" haha.

2004-02-19 10:14:47 ET

its cute,...it really is

2004-02-19 10:17:46 ET

i went to sign off and he's like "no no wait.." so then he sent me this email..and then i was like "no now you can't leave" hah. had to return the nice thoughts.

2004-02-19 10:20:28 ET

awww. see you two are hella cute. It's all fun to watch and stuff

2004-02-19 10:21:05 ET

glad you get a kick out of it haha.

2004-02-19 10:22:31 ET

hehe you know my reasonings. So what all did he say?

2004-02-19 10:24:11 ET

in the email? ...lemme find it...

2004-02-19 10:24:24 ET

and PM it to me

2004-02-19 10:25:41 ET

and i shall :)

2004-02-19 10:28:22 ET

lol awww so cute

2004-02-19 11:59:38 ET

haha isn't it! made me tear up! *tear*

2004-02-19 22:20:01 ET

lol awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2004-02-19 22:21:13 ET


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