2004-02-19 12:06:14 ET

man i'm pooped!

I just got this burst of energy (prolly from that chai with too much chai thanks to steve the coffee guy) and i re-arranged my room!

Oooohhhhh....put my computer desks over by my windows, along with my bookshelf..the beds are now back where the computer desk used to be.

So now I can watch tv and talk online at the same time!! how exciting!!!

But unfortuantely now, there is nothing on tv...so now i'm re-copying some of my cds on my computer, and making some new cd-r's so i can get rid of the ones i have since they are all mixed up and i have like 5 cds with the same songs on them, and then half of them are scratched....

and apparently i'm not as tired as i thought i was because i'm rambling on endlessly about things that no one cares about.

oh note to kandess...if you want any of my useable cd-rs that i'm going to get rid of..you are welcome to them :) i'll let you go through them when/ifin you visit sometime.

peace out all

<3 much love <3

2004-02-19 12:12:41 ET

sounds like a plan... i can't even find any of my cd-r's they've pretty much all disappeared O_o

2004-02-19 12:14:30 ET

awww...i don't think i have very many left so i hope i have enough to do this lil project of mine haha

2004-02-19 12:16:08 ET

what project? O_o (either i'm really slow... or i missed somethin')

2004-02-19 13:13:07 ET

haha i'm remaking my burned cds. i have a bazillion of them that have the same songs on them and some of them don't work right anymore so i'm going through and making new ones :)

2004-02-19 13:14:49 ET

ahhh ok... and not have enough??? O_o hahaha

2004-02-19 15:01:32 ET

saw the room ;) very awesome!

2004-02-19 15:03:44 ET


2004-02-19 16:23:17 ET

*hugs and misses ms. tash terribly* !!!!!

2004-02-19 16:24:30 ET

awww I miss ms sandy tooo *hugs*

2004-02-19 22:21:47 ET

where do people get all this energy? im lucky to wake up in the morning

2004-02-19 22:22:26 ET

it's called Chai and it's a gift from the heavens *nodnod* i drank a n ish load of it today, which is why i'm still awake now

2004-02-19 22:24:06 ET

hehe cool

2004-02-19 22:25:02 ET

it is my best friend in teh entire world..well almost

2004-02-19 22:27:02 ET

i must try some of this chai then

2004-02-19 22:28:28 ET

*nodnod* i suggest if you can find it Oregon Chai brand..it comes in concentrate box thingies and at the store they have it in here, it's down the isle with the tea. well since it's a tea. haha.

they make it as tea bags and as powder but i don't like those as much

2004-02-19 22:30:35 ET

oaky dokey then. but since i am lackin on that i must sleep now. maybe ill be wired tommorrow

2004-02-19 22:30:58 ET

sleep well then :)

2004-02-19 22:38:41 ET

YAY....damnit i wanna visit and stuffs

2004-02-19 22:42:58 ET

yeah i want you too *nodnodnod* and you were supposed to *shakes spork at you*

2004-02-19 22:43:45 ET

AHHH! so many people saying "come see me" and my boss wont let me yet. i promise im trying.

2004-02-19 22:44:40 ET

*ponders* i said it first *sticks tongue out* hahaha

2004-02-19 22:47:25 ET

hehe yes yes i know. I remember

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