Some Dashboard to end the evening
2004-02-19 22:37:34 ET

When I'm back from the road
and you're out on it
& I'm tired of this distance
& I believe it's over-rated.
And this phone tag game is endless
the novelty is wearing
I'm hoping time will pass
without any assistance
or convincing.

Road rules apply
there's so much action,
you're getting busy.
I'll call your cellular phone
to tell you TV night was
lonely without you
& so am I...
so am I.

It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year.

So many high points on this last leg.
I can't wait to recount them
it seems like nothing's happened
until I've shared them with you.
The note that you had called
says youre half a day away
& you are heading home
just in time for me to leave.

Road rules apply
there's so much action
I'm getting busy.
So make sure that I'm up to date
on TV night,
I hate to miss out.

I think I miss you most
on Wednesdays
& Saturdays.

It seems our day keeps falling on a leap year.

2004-02-19 22:39:27 ET

dude you suck, you soo got me addicted to dashboard!

2004-02-19 22:43:21 ET

haha why do i suck? he's good to be addicted too, nice voice and damn sexy

2004-02-19 22:46:02 ET

lol yeah but I liked what I was addicted to firt, now I am all like *acts cracked out* must go listen to dashboard!!

2004-02-19 22:47:06 ET

haha that's the way i was after i first heard them

2004-02-19 22:49:17 ET

its like heroin...i threw out all my cds, except for the dashboard, and i have so many copies lying, but i do listen alot lol

2004-02-19 22:52:12 ET

haha i was going to say you did NOT throw out all your cds haha.

and yeah it is like heroin kinda like SK haha

2004-02-19 22:55:12 ET

lol it would be funny if i did though...right...right!?!

and ooooh heroin, doesn't cost as much though im sure

2004-02-19 22:57:02 ET

doesn't cost as much, and not as many bad side effects

2004-02-19 22:57:59 ET

Lack of sleep is never good though, and staring at a screen for numerous hours can be bad for the eyes, and monitors put of a TAD bit of radiation, not good!

2004-02-19 22:58:28 ET i said..not as many haha but there still are some!

2004-02-19 22:59:19 ET

It also makes me get cramps in my legs.....because i don't move enough lol

BUT it does have its ups*grins*

2004-02-19 23:00:04 ET

my ass hurts! haha

2004-02-19 23:00:10 ET

yes and a lot of the ups are named Nate ;)

2004-02-19 23:01:16 ET

im sitting on my legs so my ass is fine for now, until my legs start hurting and i have to move


2004-02-19 23:01:45 ET

i have a lil container under my desk so i can prop my feet up on it and save my legs from hurting but my asss is sooooo sore

hahaha nooo i will not shut up!

2004-02-19 23:03:09 ET

lol ive got this amp box thing thats with the pc speakers i prop the feet on, then the ass starts hurting so i sit on the legs, then the legs hurt, its a continuous circle really

and shortstack you sooo betta shut the face

2004-02-19 23:06:07 ET

*fat bastard voice* it's a vicious cycle...

hehe oh come on like it's that big a deal??

2004-02-19 23:07:43 ET

lol fat bastard, thinking of him makes me laugh so hard i almost start snorting lol

and yeah....just...shh alright lol

i just read your page, and saw the thing about the cats and can opener, lol i forgot i added the can opener thing lmao

2004-02-19 23:10:27 ET

hahah man you are slow you JUST saw that :)

2004-02-19 23:11:00 ET

lol I just looked!!!! geez give me a break beeitch!

2004-02-19 23:12:25 ET

it's ok no one looks haha

2004-02-19 23:14:42 ET

I do I do!!!! Just a little late, remember, im slooooooooooow

2004-02-19 23:15:34 ET

hehe it's ok :) you're the crazy neighbor hehe

2004-02-19 23:17:00 ET

dont forget, ive got tons of cats, no electricity and always wants to borrow an ELECTRIC can opener

2004-02-20 06:28:20 ET

THE BEST WAAAY TO END A DAY WITH CHRIS CARRABBA CROONING!!! *screams and claws away at own face* IIIIF I EEEEVER met that guy it would be tooo SOOOON! ILOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE chris carrabba!!! *cries* <3 ms. saNdy

2004-02-20 12:55:57 ET

*nodnodnodnod* I totally agree ms sandy...if i met him...i'd melt!

2004-02-21 20:16:18 ET

ms. tash....i miss you LIKE whoa crazy! <3

2004-02-21 20:19:06 ET

hehehe *nodnod* i'm replying to your PM riiiight this second *dances around*

2004-02-21 20:21:06 ET

*smiles and tries to hold back tears* YAY!!! <3

2004-02-21 20:29:08 ET

hehe you're so awesome ms sandy!

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