Why does this not surprise me?
2004-02-20 20:03:04 ET

Yours are DEMON wings, possibly resembling
those of a bat - huge, black, and clawed. You
are cold and impure, and a born Creature of the
Night. Possibly with an interest in those of a
vampyric nature, or possibly one yourself. You
have little sympathy or care for humanity and
see them as existing for no real purpose -
thus, you can be very manipulative and bend
them to fit YOUR purpose. And you do have a
purpose, to everything you do. Nine times out
of ten it will be strictly for your own self
gratification or perhaps merely amusement. As
soon as a person or situation is no longer
productive or pleasurable in your life, you
will rid yourself of it or them. You could very
well have just a touch of superiority complex
(or perhaps more than a touch?). Despite all of
this, you are capable of love so intense that
you place that person's wishes even above your
own - the only time that you will do so.
Chances are you are attracted to people in
which you see...yourself. Though many hate you
for your carelessness and evil...Sexy, fierce,
sinful, and mysterious...you turn me on.

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2004-02-20 20:16:07 ET

your wings are definitely cooler than mine. I got wings of steel, ill have to actually find the thing tho...

2004-02-20 20:19:28 ET

wings of steel.....that'd be interesting.

I do like mine :D they have that scare factor to them hehe.

2004-02-20 20:24:08 ET

You have wings of STEEL. No one's really
sure why, but at this point in your life you've
shut off emotion to the point of extreme
apathy. You are cold and indifferent much of
the time...or perhaps you're just a good
pretender. Next to impossible to get close to,
even those who do never see the real you. It's
entirely possible that YOU don't even know the
real you. You have a certain fascination or
attraction to destruction on a massive scale -
disasters, perhaps even death or the concept of
the Apocalypse. Because you hold so much
inside, one day you're simply going to snap.
Then the mask will fall away, and your true
wings will be revealed. Until then you will
deal with whatever comes your way in icy bitter
silence and acceptance. On the positive side,
you are fearless and immeasurably strong - not
much can crack through your defenses. You
intrigue people, who can't help but wonder why
you're the way you are. A loner and one who
spends much of their time brooding and
contemplating life and death - you are a time
bomb waiting to explode and create some
destruction of your own.

*~*~*Claim Your Wings - Pics and Long Answers*~*~*
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i hope that thing worked...

2004-02-20 20:41:16 ET

it did, cool picture :)

2004-02-20 20:44:17 ET

looks like a drawing that my ex would do...

2004-02-20 20:45:52 ET

minus the wings looks kinda like a scupture i did in my ceramics class in highschool

2004-02-20 20:47:04 ET

that would be an amazing sculpture

2004-02-20 20:48:40 ET

*ponders* i'm not even sure if i still have it. it wasn't that great actually. that just reminds me of it. it was a lady, with a flowing dress-like thingy, and no face. cause i was afraid i'd screw it up so i thought it'd look better without one.

2004-02-20 20:49:58 ET

i suppose thats good reasoning. i hate trying to make faces

2004-02-20 20:54:43 ET

i'm only successful with one side, then the other looks all lopsided and funny so i don't bother

2004-02-21 19:33:39 ET

eveness in drawing is difficult

2004-02-21 19:35:12 ET

*nodnod* i had this reallly realllly reallllllllllyyy awesome picture i did, it was one of the only things i've EVER drawn that I actually liked...and my art teacher took it to put it in a calender (w/o my permission first) aaannnnd i never got it back *cries hardcore*

2004-02-21 19:37:08 ET

dang, you should go stalk him until you get it back

2004-02-21 19:38:26 ET

we went through ALLLLLLL the possible places it could have been in his art room, i had him 2 years in a row one for regular art the next year for ceramics..and we tore the room apart cause he got the pictures back, but we never found it

2004-02-21 19:55:50 ET

bum deal

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