It's 4 am....
2004-02-20 23:22:46 ET

why am i still awake???

Just sitting here talking to Gabe and Ms Rachel.

music is my friend *nodnodnod* and so are the gabe songs i have hehehe *snickers* good ish! so if you haven't check out gabes stuff yet...go do it NOW!!! *insert lil' plug for gabe's music here* hehe

umm..ok well i guess I should try to sleep some. I've just had a lot on my mind lately and i really wish i could just hang with some friends and take my mind off things but one to hang with! oh well. i'll be over it soon.

everyone have a wonderful day and i will speak with you all, or at least some of you, later.

<3 much love <3

"...You don't know how much this hurts me
To say these things that I don't want to say
But have to say them anyway
I would do anything to end your suffering
But you would rather walk away..."

2004-02-20 23:34:43 ET

thanx for the plug sweety :-)... *hugs*...

i hope you sleep well... *hugs*

2004-02-21 00:15:08 ET

well hell, i wanna listen to gabes music!

and you have a good day two babe!!


2004-02-21 00:20:10 ET

best i can do right now... is send it over aim... (have my s/n in my bio...)
i think if not it's

(i have my stuff on a site... but for the moment they aren't allowing guests cause one of there systems went down)

2004-02-21 04:05:14 ET

ahhh i see,

but, dammit, i don't have AIM, i sux!

2004-02-21 04:17:47 ET

:-(... got yahoo?

2004-02-21 05:34:10 ET

yes indeed i do

"vipippy" tis me

2004-02-21 09:55:51 ET

*skips around* see what staying up til 7 am..yes i said 7 am ..does to you? i just woke up and it's almost 3 pm. *grrr* i had no intentions of sleeping this long dammit

2004-02-21 10:35:19 ET

well hell girl!! you gotta sleep SOMETIME!! geezz!

2004-02-21 12:13:06 ET

very true hehe and night time isn't really myt ime to sleep

2004-02-21 12:53:13 ET

me either. damn life, having to get up and go to work in the morning and shitz!! blah! :oP

2004-02-21 16:31:29 ET

agrees :-)... of course i worked third shift... till i got laid off... perfectly natural for me

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