Annnnnnnnnnd I lied..haha...
2004-02-22 22:26:25 ET

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the people who keep me guys are the best for putting up with my crap attitudes. They come and go and you guys stick around and help to make me feel better. I really do appreciate all of you...small in number as you may be, you are what keep me smiling. :)

And once again I'm not making much sense, but umm..I hope someone understands.

I promise I'll make it out on the good end of things, and I know it will take a while for that to happen, and I know you will help me to get there, so thank you for sticking with me through the bad times.

2004-02-22 22:31:21 ET

*hugs* :-* (damn typos... gotta happen though :-D) :-*

2004-02-22 22:50:22 ET

hehe i don't mind the typos silly told ya that *hugs*

2004-02-22 23:20:40 ET


2004-02-22 23:21:28 ET

what!?!... haha i don't see no huggin' O_o

2004-02-22 23:21:31 ET

hahah what was that about?

2004-02-22 23:22:20 ET

oooh dont play KNOW what im talkin bout beeitch!

*whistles and walks out of the room slowly*

2004-02-22 23:22:48 ET

you are soooo bizarre

2004-02-22 23:23:14 ET

you like it

2004-02-23 00:56:14 ET

hhmmmmm, is the feeling of being loved and loving back in turn.......meez likes it.....::HUGZ:: :->

2004-02-23 01:05:06 ET

::hugs and much love:: <3 :)

2004-02-23 01:29:50 ET

*hugs* love ya girls :)

2004-02-23 06:13:15 ET

love you lots and lots and lots ms. tash!!! your always there for everyone why not we creatures we call humans return the love to an angel like you! you truly are amazing ms. tash! *nods* yes huh you are! <3 ms. saNdy

2004-02-23 06:56:48 ET

awwww thanks for all the love guys :)

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