ok this should be funny right??
2004-02-23 06:58:32 ET

and it's noon....and i just got back from the dreaded class..and what happened??

test was postponed to next week...............umm...sooo not cool. haha ..well at least i have more time to prepare.

stayed up allll night long studyin' for nuffin , though i did have a nice chat with gabe :D so that was entertainment enough for me..yay!

ok now i sleep...yes..i better sleep or i will shoot myself in the head...*nodnod*


2004-02-23 07:00:23 ET

no shooting and i hate it when that happens when you study and then the fooken test is postponed! well it all turned out for the best i'm hoping...i'll see you on laters ms. tash! <3 ya

2004-02-23 07:01:48 ET

yes i'm sure it all will turn out for the best...it better heheh

2004-02-23 09:01:18 ET

\m/ i was entainment woop woop *hugs*
atleast no failing :-D

so tis a little bit of a plus... i'm bout to pass out now.. just got my paycheck... and i don't think i can stay up anymore O_o

much love :-* damn the man

2004-02-23 11:58:35 ET

hehe Damn The Man! Save The Empire!

2004-02-23 12:02:39 ET

i was talking bout that movie last night,

russ has never seen that movie


2004-02-23 12:04:15 ET

OMG are you serious?! Ok...so you me and him soooo need to get together and watch it...ok well or just you and him...haha

2004-02-23 12:07:13 ET

OMG is eXaCtLy what i said!!

i TotAllY agree, it would be WAY better if it was all of us, cause then i wouldn't feel so stupid saying the parts to the movie, it would be me and you both saying the parts to the movie.

2004-02-23 12:08:37 ET

yeah cause umm..i can't help but say the parts of the movie..like

"his name isn't warren?"
"his name isn't warren?"
"his name isn't warren?"

"I thought his name was warren?"

2004-02-23 12:10:28 ET



so we must met up, if to do nothing else but watch empire records.

i couldn't believe it when he told me he hadn't seen it

2004-02-23 12:12:56 ET

"rap....metal...rap...metal....whitney houston"

"it's for my girlfriend man!"

"who glued these quarters down?"

"i did"

"what the hell for man?!"

"i don't believe i need to explain my art to you warren"

"why don't you shove them up your ass"

"beecause it would hurt a lot warren"

2004-02-23 12:14:30 ET

OMG, we would drive him crazy if he watched that movie with us.


2004-02-23 12:15:22 ET

hah yeah he'd officially hate me

2004-02-23 12:16:18 ET

haha, he is calling me right now, i will ask him about it!!

2004-02-23 12:17:38 ET


2004-02-23 12:20:59 ET

he said, "yes"

but i would have to give him some bootie


2004-02-23 12:22:02 ET

*falls over laughing*

2004-02-23 12:23:26 ET

and i on the other hand am NOT laughing



ohhhhhhhhh i can't wait
*looks around* did i say that outloud??, omg

2004-02-23 12:25:06 ET

no you are running around going "Yyaaaaayyyyy"


2004-02-23 12:26:03 ET


okay, so enough about that,

now what?

2004-02-23 12:26:58 ET

oh i forgot...*with a big ass grin on your face too* *nodnod*

umm i dunno

2004-02-23 12:28:04 ET

I said ENOUGH about THAT, geezz!!


i think i am gonna watch that movie tonight!!!

2004-02-23 12:28:29 ET

hmm..if it wasn't CSI night i'd prolly watch it too...

2004-02-23 12:29:55 ET

SPEAKING of which, well sorta

i FINALLY get my cable tomorrow!!!!

yay for me!!

*dances around*

2004-02-23 12:31:39 ET


2004-02-23 12:34:10 ET

tasha, don't pretend like you are happy, you could careless


2004-02-23 12:37:10 ET

no i'm happy for you girl cause then when i ask "hey have you seen.." there's a higher chance you will have haha

2004-02-23 12:38:29 ET

LOL, good point


i love ya!! ass

2004-02-23 12:40:11 ET

gawwwd i need to figure out what that reminds me of

2004-02-23 12:42:24 ET

wrong page

2004-02-23 12:47:33 ET

haha noooo i wanted to say it here cause you are being annoying and saying it EVERYWHERE

2004-02-23 12:54:52 ET

my bad!!


2004-02-23 13:42:29 ET


2004-02-23 14:15:57 ET

aww thanks :)

2004-02-23 15:55:13 ET

(would watch empire records) love that movie... 'it seemed like a good idea at the time'

i wished i had it on tape... i just usually always watch it on the tube...

2004-02-23 16:29:28 ET

i have it taped and on dvd hehe

2004-02-23 17:40:20 ET

O_o that's sweet coolness... so i'll get plenty of opportunities to watch it haha

2004-02-23 18:13:49 ET

very much so :)

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