2004-02-23 18:23:14 ET

I'm feeling better today then I did yesturday...well emotionally at least , physically not feeling so well but that will pass soon.

Though I'm feeling better than yesturday, I still feel distant from people I wish I didn't feel distant from. Oh well, it will improve soon as well I do hope :)

<3 much love to all <3

2004-02-23 18:31:53 ET

feel better, or the big industrial metal spork is coming straight at you O_O

2004-02-23 18:32:17 ET

hehe we will fight with both our sporks *nodnod*

2004-02-23 18:33:22 ET

that would be interesting, fun, but im sure that would turn some heads

2004-02-23 18:34:35 ET

much fun indeeeed

2004-02-23 18:36:18 ET

then i would be like BAM! and i would call all the other powerpuff girls and we would go to that one town and be up our enemies

uhm.....what was we talking about?

2004-02-23 18:36:55 ET

i don't really remember

2004-02-23 20:32:09 ET

uhm... haha :-) well glad you is feeling better \m/...

y'all and sporks... :::shakeshead:::

2004-02-23 20:32:44 ET

we LOOOOVE the sporks Gabe!!! you should too!

2004-02-23 20:34:15 ET

i'm thinking it over...

2004-02-23 20:37:14 ET


2004-02-23 21:54:45 ET

*hugs ms. tash* i hope you feel 100 purcent better!!! love you ms. tash!!! <3 <3 <3

2004-02-23 22:04:39 ET

hehe <3 much love to all <3

2004-02-24 11:44:35 ET

*hugs* you better get to feeling better, you know we love you!;) <3 So that alone should get you feeling a lil better.

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