*dances around in funny 80s rag clothes*
2004-02-24 14:24:02 ET

sorry "Love Is A Battlefield" just came on my media player..hehe makes me giggle. And who can help but dance when that song comes on? Hehe ...just like they do in the video cause it's all choreographed and it's funny has hell...and pretty much everyone at least knows the beginning shoulder part cause well...we were all subject to that damn stupid video.

Well most of us at least...

Anyway..not that I'm done with my pointless rant on Pat Benatar..haha. wtf? not sure where that came from.

I'm going to go get me some food now, as you may have noticed, i should be in class but I feel like shit ...a little better now then I did an hour ago when I was supposed to leave for class...almost puked...ewwww.

So it's food, and then taping last weeks Queer Eye episode, then taping this weeks Law & Order:SVU...then at midnight i MUST remember to tape this weeks Queer Eye or mom will be uber mad that I keep forgetting to tape them so she can see them. Then I get to stay up and watch them all *dances around some more*

oOOOooooooooOOooohhhh...Kittie just came on...man I love my new playlist hehe...fun stuff!

Umm...ok off to get food now...

"How many of you people out there
Been hurt in some kind of love affair
And how many times do you swear that you'll never love again?

How many lonely, sleepless nights
How many lies, how many fights
And why would you want to put yourself through all that again?

"Love is pain," I hear you say
Love has a cruel and bitter way
Of paying you back for all the faith you ever had in your brain

How could it be that what you need the most
Can leave you feeling just like a ghost?
You never want to feel so sad and lost again"

2004-02-24 15:03:27 ET

have you seen the queer eye music video??

2004-02-24 15:10:27 ET

hehe yes! i <3 it i have the cd and it's on there too

2004-02-24 15:20:42 ET

lol, you got it bad!! hehe

2004-02-24 15:35:52 ET

hahaha... sweetness you stayed home \m/... i've never watched queer eye for the straight guy.. :::finger to chin:::... i probably should sometime...
haha i wanna see the 'straight plan for the gay man' haha that's supposed to start coming on comedy central haha

2004-02-24 15:37:51 ET

yeah the first episode of straight plan was on last night...it was..kinda stupid haha. but the bits i saw were kinda funny i guess. i'm partial to my queer eye men hehe. and i tape them for mom so of course you will have a chance to see them :)

yeah i stayed here...normally i would still be in class but i went and got food that was shitty adn talked to viola about our "evil plan" as she is calling it haha

2004-02-24 15:38:57 ET

*snickers* evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvil

we rule!!

2004-02-24 15:40:13 ET

that's dr evil...i didn't go to evil doctor school to be called mister!

2004-02-24 15:40:50 ET

evil O_o what evil plan!?!?!... it wouldn't involve me... a ten foot pole... and spiked whips would it?!?! :::skerred:::

2004-02-24 15:41:19 ET



2004-02-24 15:42:52 ET

hehe nooo...it may involve you but it sure as heck doesn't involve any pain *shakes head*

2004-02-24 15:44:06 ET

*looks around*

2004-02-24 15:45:05 ET

hahaha :-) ok that's good... what does it involve?? O_o

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