*bitchslaps the writers for CSI*
2004-02-26 18:15:22 ET

*hiding under desk* my favorite show....my FAVORITE SHOW...and they have an episode with a clown in it BASTARDS *cries*

2004-02-26 18:19:00 ET

thats fucking horrible!

2004-02-26 18:20:53 ET

it's incredibly horrible, but hopefully i won't have to look at them for long, see...one got killed *snickers*

2004-02-26 18:23:20 ET

lol thats great
ever watched scary movie 2?

2004-02-26 18:24:43 ET

lmao, tasha and her clown thing. hehe

2004-02-26 18:31:20 ET

i haven't seen any of the scary movies yet

2004-02-26 18:31:43 ET

oooooh well the second one, there is a clown

2004-02-26 18:31:55 ET

but he gets raped ^_^

2004-02-26 18:39:01 ET

haha all the more insentive to watch it :-)

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