You're Just Like An Angel, Your Skin Makes Me Cry...
2004-02-27 14:18:12 ET

Off to go home this weekend, once again another birthday party. I swear my family has one every's annoying, but oh well. I get more footage of my cute 'neices' hehe...those girls are the best thing ever!

I hope I can make it back at a decent time on Sunday, unlike normal which is like 9 at night..that is so annoying. But we don't have much to do Sunday so hopefully we can get an early start back here.

Umm..ok just wanted to update that lil' bit of useless information.

<3 much love <3

2004-02-27 17:12:30 ET

otay... my cousin is stayin' over this weekend... so he'll probably have the puter most of the time :-\...
but hopefully i'll get to talk to ya some

'you're so fuckin' special, i wished i was special...' :-)

2004-02-27 18:39:00 ET

*big hugs* that's ok, i'll be running around crazy tomorrow :) working on your surprise *dances*

that song is sooo amazing <3

2004-02-27 20:26:22 ET ya

2004-02-27 21:08:34 ET

hahaha yea i love that song myself :-)...

*hugs*... i can't wait to see what it is

2004-02-28 07:27:42 ET

hope u have a good time

2004-02-28 21:13:19 ET

i can't wait to see what it is either *snickers* haha. i know what it is but i haven't actually *seen* it yet ....hehe much fun this will be...yes indeeeed

and i bought 4 rolls of film today...and a mic for my when i get to school..if anyone wants to "talk" on something let me know haha..i wanna use it..even though i hate my voice

2004-02-28 21:23:25 ET

i like your voice :-D

2004-02-28 21:30:33 ET

*blushified* thank you much ... like yours too *nod*

2004-02-28 21:34:11 ET

:-D thank you... i didn't think you did... because you were bein' quiet alot :-\

2004-02-28 21:34:50 ET

nah, i was being quiet, cause i was listening :)

2004-02-28 21:48:32 ET

i like listenin' 2 :-* :::snickers:::

2004-02-28 21:53:38 ET

i'm really not a phone person :) you are quite lucky you get to hear me talk much at all hah. not trying to sound all...whatever...but i seriously have like this phone phobia or something it's really bizarre and annoying. I, under normaly circumstances (there are always exceptions to the rules), don't usually stay on the phone very long with people.

dunno why i hate it so much haha but htat's why i don't talk much, i can't ever think of anything to say

2004-02-28 22:00:04 ET

i understand... most of the time i hate talkin' on the phone... i rarely use my phone... i just had to make an exception... :-)

2004-02-28 22:05:40 ET

well i don't feel so bad now :) it's nice to talk on the phone sometimes but i'll take internet over phone any day..and well i'll take in person over phone anyday as well

2004-02-28 22:08:41 ET

what about person over internet :::wide eyed::: O_o!?!?

2004-02-28 22:10:09 ET

well yeah dur! hehe

2004-02-28 22:13:37 ET

just makin' sure... i didn't see it specified ;-) :-D

2004-02-28 22:16:52 ET

hah well..ya know..i figured that with recent decisions and soon to happen events ..that one would be obvious

2004-02-28 22:18:02 ET

haha... good point

2004-02-28 22:20:24 ET

*nodnod* point one for tasha

2004-02-28 22:22:58 ET

(wonders how i can score a point)

2004-02-29 15:17:36 ET

you've scored quite a few already :)

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