2004-03-01 06:54:44 ET

*dances around sprinkling you with pixie dust and sparkles*

You are a beautiful little girl (of course cause you take after you mommy!) and I know you will have a wonderful life full of many great things!

*hugs and kisses*

Love you!,
Aunt Tasha.

2004-03-01 07:46:24 ET

whos her momma???


YOU ARE THE GREATEST! i can't wait to show her your post!

2004-03-01 07:49:48 ET

:D *dances around* oooooh guess what? 5 days..well if you count today

2004-03-01 08:33:54 ET

YAY, i want this week to be over!! like now!

2004-03-01 08:52:39 ET

i know, i'm done with my only test for the week (a lot of people have midterms, i "lucked out" and didn't get any hehe) and so this week should go decently fast

2004-03-01 08:54:41 ET

*nods* good, hopefully mine will go quickly too, got alot going on this week, with jessica moving in and all, that will make the nights go by quicker, the days already go quick, working and all, so um yeah, the busier i stay, the quicker it will all go by!

2004-03-01 08:55:59 ET

eeexactly :)

2004-03-01 09:24:00 ET

so, just for your 411, my "keep busy plans" for today go like this:

lawyers at 3pm
home to clean up
jessica and austin come over to go through the kids play things and to set up their play room,
shawna and tyler come over as well for a little get together for my girls big day
get stuff ready for tuesday
then wait for my man to call me :)

2004-03-01 09:27:24 ET

hehe whoot i don't have any plans set yet

2004-03-01 09:31:30 ET

I MUST KEEP BUSY, i think WAY TOO much when i have nothing to do, i start to let shit get to me, start getting depressed, i am no good at the "depressed" thing, thinking isn't good for me either, but ANYWAY


2004-03-01 09:35:56 ET



2004-03-01 09:42:32 ET


2004-03-01 09:48:58 ET

siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip haha

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