I invented Post-Its
2004-03-02 16:08:46 ET

So I got to my 6:15 class about a half hour early, i was planning on getting some food, but i didn't so i just copied the notes into my new notebook and waited for class to start.

so a few more people start to show up..and there is this guy who is talking to the girl infront of me..they are across the room from eachother, but close enough to talk in normal tones..he's screaming. started off in a normal tone and ended up screaming. it went on for a good twenty minutes about some class they are in together and some guy they had to interview who was being an ass...*shoots them both*

so then the professor comes in, he talks before class about how it's rude to talk durning class and how it distracts people..then of course..the two girls who always sit by me and always talk come in right after he's done saying this...buggers.

but now class is over..so yay..*dances around*

2004-03-02 16:25:23 ET

you've been watching romy and michelles highschool reunion on tv

2004-03-02 18:03:49 ET

heheh yes indeed i have :) *dances around*

2004-03-02 18:16:31 ET

it was on tv, Jessicka was trying to get me to watch it ^_^

2004-03-02 18:16:53 ET

how did i NOT know i double posted *hear my sarcasm*

2004-03-02 18:23:25 ET

hahah it's a great movie!!!

2004-03-02 18:36:32 ET

yeah i know, its sooo funny i giggle mad whenever I watch it

2004-03-02 18:37:58 ET

*nodnod* me and my cousin talk like them all the time..and hten there's this lady i used to work with and we always do the "me too...only you" thing haha

2004-03-02 18:40:10 ET

I like watching the movie because it makes me feel smert

2004-03-02 18:41:08 ET

heck yeah haha

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