yeah um...i'm a dumbass
2004-03-03 10:48:24 ET

I was soooo into studying for my test that I missed it...yeah..that's right..i'm still sitting here. For some stupid reason I thought my damn class started at 4:15....what the freak ever! It started a hour ago..and I can't go late because they were taking the test the first hour of class, which means I missed it already. *cries* I'm going to email my teacher and let him know, not that he will care, I just want to make sure that me missing this test isn't going to make me fail the course if I do good with everything else.

could i fuck up anymore?

2004-03-03 10:56:42 ET

Hey, dont beat yourself up over it, that has happened to me before. SHit happens, it was an accidnet, you didnt do it on purpose or anything.....right* curious eyebrow*.....just kidding. You could have been like me and missed a test once bc i overslept...try explaining that to your teacher when you have a 2:00 o clock class....:) *hugs* youll be okay.

2004-03-03 10:58:06 ET

yeah well since mom isn't completely pissed off at me i'm not too worried..that's what scared me more then failing. she just said "if you fail you can always take the class again next semester and then pass with flying colors" so that helped

2004-03-03 11:09:25 ET

well that is good..wish my mom had that attitude bout me

2004-03-03 11:15:46 ET

haha my mom does sometimes..when i'm honest with her mostly. like with my french final that i missed, she wasn't too upset about that. i mean if i'm sincere and honest with her normally she'll give me the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes she dosnt' haha gotta catch her on a good day :)

2004-03-03 11:24:51 ET

yeah..i hear that.....but my mom not like that..she gets mmmmaddddddddd...really mad

2004-03-03 11:26:22 ET

my mom has blown up on me a few times, but it's been for stupid stuff and half hour later she's apologizing to me. i have a lot of rules i gotta go by when i'm at home so that part sucks, but as far as most of the time, i can't really complain much

2004-03-03 11:31:15 ET

yeah....i sitll havnet told my mom that i had to drop outta my chem class..she is gonna kill me when she finds out

2004-03-03 11:33:18 ET

oooh yeah, haha i was going to drop a class and not tell mom, but that would have gotten me kicked out of the dorms so i decided to keep it.

and she doesn't know my grades anymore, cause they post them online not send them home so when she asks i'm just like "yeah everything is fine" even though I got mostly c's last semester cause i'm a dumbass

2004-03-03 12:23:16 ET

goes kung-fu... you is not stupid :::lips keep moving:::
you are thus a :::lips stop moving::: work of art...

:-* no worries... i'm sure it'll work out \m/

2004-03-03 13:33:09 ET

*falls over laughing* oooh that was classic :D

2004-03-03 14:59:30 ET

:-* *hugs* :-D...
\m/ i try

2004-03-03 16:48:27 ET

hehe greatness Gabe, greatness..hehe

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