i got a brand new set of wings...
2004-03-03 15:03:31 ET

so it's 8 pm here..and i feel like ish!

i have a really bad head cold so i'm going to be trying to go to sleep here pretty soon. i don't know how successful I am going to be, so I could very possibly return sometime before the night is completely over.

just wanted to drop a line in and explain my absence...sorry to those of you i wanted to talk to

*big hugs and much love*

2004-03-03 15:05:36 ET

*sobs*... or those that wanted to talk to you... :'(

haha j/k... you get you some rest sweety... sorry to hear about the head cold... that sucks bad... i hope you get better soon *hugs*...
errr wished i could make ya some chicken soup... but soon enough... :::stares off into the distant future:::
whoa whoa whoa... i said chicken soup :::sets future image straight::: :-P

2004-03-03 15:07:17 ET

*giggles* you're adorable! :)

i'm definately going to try and get better very soon! and i highly doubt i'll pass out for very long if i do at all so there's a chance i'll be back..

but on a good note: i just got an email back from my professor and he said i could make up the exam at 1 on friday *dances around, gets dizzy and decides to stop* woooo heh ok that's all


2004-03-03 15:08:44 ET

hahaha... well that's good <3... sweet dreams... i'll probably be awake for awhile... so maybe i'll catch ya on the flipside :-D...
dream sweetly :-*

2004-03-03 15:09:21 ET

hehe on the flipside ;)

i'll do my best to dream as sweetly as possible, just hope i can remember it after i dream..i keep forgetting the good ones..blah.

2004-03-03 15:11:59 ET

awww well don't forget to tell me the ones that i come in on!! :-)... well... that or johnny depp... those have to be interesting... that way when i go to sleep i can dream that i am johnny depp ;-)

:-D <3

2004-03-03 15:15:47 ET

girl you better be gettin some rest, and better be gettin better!! i am so gonna be there the day after tomorrow,

you must REST!! like NOW


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