2004-03-03 16:08:01 ET

I'm back, for a moment, just to let everyone know...

you should all turn your tvs to VH1 right now! hehe it's umm..it's The Full Monty!!!

*dances around*

ANnnnnnnddddd on top of that...tears will come...Highlander...*cries*

2004-03-03 16:54:43 ET

*looks around nervously*
that movie is the devil

2004-03-03 17:09:44 ET

which one? i was refering to two

2004-03-03 17:19:18 ET

The Full Monty

2004-03-03 17:22:00 ET

haha I <3 that movie!!!

2004-03-03 17:58:37 ET

i could never sit down and watch it all

2004-03-03 18:01:00 ET

i just saw my favorite part so i'm happy *dances around*

2004-03-03 18:02:53 ET

I watched my boss's daughter, ever seen it

2004-03-03 18:03:28 ET


2004-03-03 18:04:04 ET

its funnnay funnay lol you should watch it

2004-03-03 18:05:36 ET

haha okies

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