I'll stop the rain when you stop the shootings...
2004-03-04 07:52:56 ET

*giggles* anyone seen Ellen Degeneres' newest HBO comedy special? she is sooo funny! and if you haven't seen it, i have it so come watch it with me...and bring chicken noodle soup and some chai...*nodnod* i hate being sick.

anyway..that's where i got the subject line haha. she talks about how news people suddenly lose their minds when they talk to the weather guy "when you going to stop this rain bob?" ...."i'll stop the rain when you stop the shootings cathy" ok that's not exact but it's close enough.

i've been all giddy since last night...can't help it. i keep getting these lovely messages on my phone in the morning to make my day oh so super fabulous even though I'm sick :) at least I'm sick with a smile on my face hehe.

also keep laughing cause i keep seeing stuff about CHIPS on tv which reminds me of the chocolate chips joke..*laughs* man that was soo funny.

ok back to trying to go back to sleep...see what happens when i take medicine? i'm rambling about nothing important..ok well 1 section was important (the messages) but other than that...just babble.

<3 much love <3

2004-03-04 09:48:09 ET

ooooh get better Ms Tash

2004-03-04 09:56:58 ET

awww i always get my 'lovely' messages on my phone at night while at work...talk about making my day better.

Yes get better

pulled over by chocolate chips *giggles*

2004-03-04 11:29:15 ET

*giggles* isn't that joke the best?!

2004-03-04 17:39:31 ET

i still laugh

2004-03-04 18:46:17 ET

i just watched the ellen thing so i could remember the weatherman stuff...

she was talking about newscasters and how they have to go through all these ranges of emotions...

"no wonder they snap when they start talking to the weatherman...'and now let's go to johnny with the weater. johnny when are you gonna stop this rain and bring us some sunshine?' 'well i'll stop the rain when you stop the carjackings colleen' "

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