Go me
2004-03-04 13:14:26 ET

So i got up from my napping, cause you can only lay down for so long before you get tired of it...and I went to get myself some food. So I got some rice cause that's not too bad you know? Figured it was the best thing I could have out of my choices of burger king, taco bell, and chinese.

So I ate it, and then decided I don't want to hang around here forever tomorrow so I went ahead and cleaned up as much of my room as I could today, which basically all I have left is to pack what I want to take with me, lock up my dvds and unplug everything.

Now though, I'm dizzy and sick to my stomach...I ate so I don't know what the deal is. But I guess cause I got hot cleaning or something, I don't know. So back to laying down even though I really don't want to. I just HAVE to be better by tomorrow dammit! At least somewhat better, I don't want to get sick at the club haha. that'd suck!

Also, emailed my teacher to find out if i could take the test he's letting me make up after the other class I have with him,and he is such a dumbass, he thought I missed the test in criminal investigation or something cuase he's like "we are going over it in class so come see me before class and you can take it while we go over it" ..i'm like dude...i took that test. I need the ooooother test. Grrr so now I have to get up extra early just to go there and tell him he's stupid. OK well i won't tell him he's stupid but you know what i mean.

So bed early tonight.

*dances around* whoot Frankie Goes To Hollywood just came on my media player, you so can't be in a bad mood with 'Relax' playing really loud. hehe. fun stuff!

anyone wanna come dance with me? i promise i won't sneeze on you!

2004-03-04 13:35:08 ET

*crosses fingers* pppppppppplease feel better

*dances around*

2004-03-04 13:37:43 ET

I'm feeling somewhat better, I've been drinking some whater, I'm thinking I didn't get as much fluid in me as i needed to today.

*dances around*

2004-03-04 13:42:11 ET

good, just keep drinking and resting!! :)

2004-03-04 13:42:25 ET



2004-03-04 15:34:17 ET

i'll dance with you... would 'clothes' be optional?

i hope you get to feelin' better... *hugs*... dream sweetly

2004-03-04 16:06:15 ET

that's great lol

2004-03-04 16:11:56 ET

*giggles* man that's classic! haha

for tasha clothes are never optional haha always wearin' 'em i'm boring haha.

2004-03-04 18:25:24 ET

so no commando dancing :'(?

2004-03-04 18:47:11 ET

hehe no commando dancing..sorry. *sniffles* didn't mean to disapoint

2004-03-04 18:49:03 ET

:::totally disappointed::: :'(... haha it's ok... i was just messin' :-*

2004-03-04 18:49:44 ET

*sporks AOL* as you can see..it's not letting me sign back on

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