Stupid Criminals Hall of Fame
2004-03-04 19:38:52 ET

We get a new one of these every day in my criminal investigation class...this one was from monday's class I think..

this guy goes to rob a house, he decides to take his 4 year old with him (because he can't find a sitter i guess..) so he robs the house...and leaves..........doesn't take his kid back with him. so when the homeowners come home, they find this kid in their house.

then wednesday we got this one..

guy is standing outside a convience store and he stops one of the customers going inside, gives the guy $10 and asks him to go inside and bring him back out a ski mask or something. The guy asks why he needs it and the suspect tells the man that he's going to rob the store he just doesn't have the right disguise so the guy goes into the store and alerts the clerk who calls the cops and the man is arrested...

*shakes head* some people...

2004-03-04 19:41:28 ET

and to think people like this breed....rapidly....with each other. no wonder why our social ethics and culture had even the french looking better than us....::sigh::

2004-03-04 19:42:48 ET

yes indeed. we had 2 on wednesday but apparently one of them was so stupid i can't remember it haha. i'll have to post the one for friday (today) if it's any good.

seriously, stupid people shouldn't breed

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