good evening
2004-03-05 19:29:41 ET

so it's midnight thirty :) viola is here *dances around*

we had fun tonight, well i had fun hehe hope she did too. we didn't go out cause i'm really not supa comfortable with just the two of us going so i thought if we went tomorrow night matt might be able to go with so that would be cool..if not..we're goin' anyway.

may hit the mall tomorrow.

trying to keep spirits high, which is easy to do with ms viola around...though after having had it planned out, it'd be nice if someone else could have been here too. but i s'ppose that ifin that's gonna happen it'll happen ..and ifin not..then life goes on and stuff...i dunno i'm drowsy and took some medicine and now my lack of sleep from last night is kicking in so i'm not making much sense.



<3 much love all <3

2004-03-05 19:51:04 ET

*hugs all around*

2004-03-05 23:13:31 ET

*hugs*... someone?? O_o i wonder ifin who this someone could be :-P

2004-03-06 23:12:25 ET

haha *hugs* yeah..iiii wonder ;)

2004-03-07 08:21:14 ET

all these mysteries :::looks around:::... i guess we'll never know :-D

2004-03-07 13:28:42 ET

vilola says: guesssssswhosgottheflashlight

2004-03-07 15:29:30 ET

*falls over laughing* man that's classic.

and gabe we will tooo know..i already know..and viola knows..and kandess knows..and know...*nodnod*

2004-03-07 15:36:02 ET


2004-03-07 15:36:56 ET

are you mocking me O_o hehehe

heeeeeeeeeeeey you wannna daaaaaaance hahaha *falls over laughing*

2004-03-07 16:26:57 ET


OMG!!!!! tasha!!!

heeeeeeeeeeeyy you know you looooooooook goooood, you know that riiiiiiight OMG

2004-03-07 16:45:34 ET


youuuuuuu want some weeeeeeeeeeed?

2004-03-07 16:54:00 ET

that was really bad!! lol

2004-03-07 16:55:23 ET

haha that was hularious

2004-03-07 17:19:37 ET

that too!!

2004-03-08 03:37:49 ET

haha yes i gots an idea :-)...
guessin' y'all had fun? :-)

2004-03-08 05:16:59 ET

Much fun stuffage!!!

it was gravy!

i wanna go back HOME, like now!

2004-03-08 05:26:56 ET

hahaha... awww... where are you at now?

2004-03-08 05:36:01 ET

:( tennessee

2004-03-08 05:37:38 ET

isn't that where you live?

2004-03-08 05:40:25 ET


but its not my home

2004-03-08 05:42:26 ET

where's your home?

2004-03-08 06:01:04 ET


2004-03-08 08:29:07 ET

awww... :-)

2004-03-08 08:42:07 ET

the greatest people i know live there

2004-03-08 16:22:32 ET

awwwwwww *big hugs*

2004-03-08 16:22:51 ET

the greatest people i know, don't live in indy

well ok there are some great people here, but for the most part...*shakes head* nope not in indy

2004-03-09 11:00:15 ET

the greatest people i know....always live too far away =(

2004-03-09 17:30:35 ET


2004-03-09 17:30:51 ET

or *nodnod* for those of you who like to spell things right haha

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