2004-03-07 15:39:52 ET

I hate being sick! Blarg!

Umm...this weekend was the shit! Hehe. Vilola was here, and we hung out and umm...much fun was had.

Yesturday we went and hug out with matty and some people. One of them was Chris, this guy I dated in high school, oooh my that was a trip hhaha. We hadn't seen him in like 5 years. I don't think he's changed much, other than going from punk to hippie. that's about the extent of it. we just sat on the couch and watched them drink haha.

Then more fun was had...and then sleeping happened, and then vilola had to go home..and now i'm still in bed haha.

I lost my voice mid-afternoon yesturday so i'm still working on trying to get it back, which is hard when you have a cold and you are coughing all the time. but oh well, i had fun this weekend dangit!

*dances around singing Usher*

much love all! <3<3<3

2004-03-07 16:01:00 ET

im HAPPPPPY you guys had a good time!!! wooo!


2004-03-07 16:40:10 ET

ushers got the voice to make your booty go . . . . . . .

*dances around in living room* cause i have more room here!!

2004-03-07 16:47:21 ET

i fuggin LOVE that song!!

2004-03-07 16:48:16 ET

hahah yeah man that place was PACKED haha.

*dances around*

2004-03-08 04:51:07 ET

haha glad you had fun \m/ :-)

i have ways of makin' your voice come back ;-)
haha j/k :-*
you take it easy... get you some rest...

and some chicken soup...chicken soup cures all :-)

2004-03-08 16:26:24 ET

hehe "ways of makin' your voice come back" haha that was cute ;)

you know, i've never really been a huge fan o'chicken soup..mayhaps cause i was sick a lot when i was a kid and they always make ya eat it when you are sick..hmm.dunno

2004-03-09 03:17:20 ET

probably so... it's not bad stuff... it just taste weird... but it'll help with a stomach virus no problem... don't know why that is...
can't get anything else down... but for some reason chicken soup there is no problem O_o

and thank ya :-D... i try... haha

2004-03-09 08:32:04 ET

hehe i don't think you have to try too hard to be cute *shakes head* nopers..it's like a natural thing

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