oh look, Fido McCoke-fiend is home
2004-03-08 19:50:04 ET

So, I think too much, that's for sure.

Got into a "thing" with a 'friend' a few days ago, about how she thinks meeting people from the internet is basically lame and stupid.

I obviously don't agree with her, but she just reinforces my point of why it's so hard for me to find people outside of the internet to hang out with.

I do miss having "real" friends. Some of the best friends I have right now I've never even met. And I'm not saying that I don't appreciate them...definately not saying that, I adore them all..it's just sometimes it's nice to have people to physically be around who make you feel like your presence is just as important as theirs.

The 'friends' I do hang with on occassion, have the tendency to make me feel like they are my friend, only when it's convenient for them. Like "hey you wanna hang out? everyone else was busy so I called you"

I dunno, I know people for the most part don't mean it, but still it happens...I feel insignificant. *shrugs* just me being stupid I'm sure.

Sorry for my ranting..it happens sometimes.

2004-03-09 02:44:18 ET

i feel ya

i too feel insignificant here, in TN

2004-03-09 03:45:26 ET

*hugs* i know the feeling for the most part... yea

ehhh reality is only what you make of it... physical appearance doesn't make somethin' better... it often hides who they truely are...

as far as the net go... wouldn't consider it reality... but ehhh there is probably no one around here... that could take the place of some of the people i have talked to on here... and visa versa...

*hugs* no worries :-) just as long as you're happy

2004-03-09 08:02:22 ET

life blows sometimes, but i find it easier to chat with my net friends. otherwise i'm in a dark corner in my room

2004-03-09 08:37:59 ET

it kinda goes back to why i miss high school so much, at least then we were almost forced to hang out with eachother, it was easy to make plans and just be like "hey i'm going to come over after school" or "hey come to my house after school" something...now it's like...go to class..go sit in my room...sleep. that's the extent of my activities.

i love meeting people online, it's sooo much easier for me to talk to people this way and to be myself a lot easier, it's just ya know sometimes real hugs are nice too hehe.

oh geesh look at that, off ranting again

<3 much love all <3

2004-03-09 08:39:36 ET

real hugs are very nice and missed bunches

2004-03-09 08:41:10 ET

oook missy you said you had pictures..where are they???? *jumps around all excited*

2004-03-09 08:42:27 ET

tehe, they are at home, on my computer, just sittin there WAITING to be seen

2004-03-09 08:42:46 ET

oh, and you know we are hot right??!!


2004-03-09 08:43:56 ET

well bugger what are you doing at work? geesh! haha teasing me like that by sending me a message about having pictures and then you can't even show me :p

we are hot??? ok you are hot moi? not so much haha but whateva ;)

2004-03-09 08:46:08 ET

well, if you look, i sent you that text like HOURS ago, and if you would have texted me back, i had them at lunch time, and i was home, and i could have showed them to you then, dur!!

and "we" are indeed HOTT!!


i love ya girlie!!

2004-03-09 08:47:54 ET

haha you are a goofball :D

*shakes bum*

2004-03-09 08:49:44 ET

ohhh, and i have my new shirt on, and the sleeves make me dizzy, but i look DAMN GOOD!! tehe, j/k cept bout the sleeves making me dizzy part

been getting looks all day about it too, everyone at work keeps stopping me asking me what the hell is up with your shirt?? lol, it's great!

2004-03-09 11:16:27 ET

wish i was still in indy at times...cause there, i was never alone...always had Ms Tashi to keep me company even when she got tired of me =)

2004-03-09 11:18:25 ET

ditto!!! fo shizzle!! only i wish i was there all the time, not just "at times"

2004-03-09 11:28:23 ET

i hafta say at times cause i have really good friends here too, so it's hard to be in one place and not the other, wish i could just get them all in the same state

2004-03-09 11:54:52 ET

where's these pictures at? O_o and the one of my surprise!?!? O_o

2004-03-09 11:55:41 ET

um, pics are on my page, and i did not include the one of your surprise cause i must okay that with tasha first

2004-03-09 11:56:42 ET

otay... :-)... me go check 'em out now

2004-03-09 11:57:23 ET

you betta!!

2004-03-09 17:39:25 ET

i wish everybody could be closer it'd be nice. and I <3 our new shirts hehe we have 2 that match now..gawd we are dorks! hahah but we are fashionable dorks :)

2004-03-09 17:41:31 ET

our shirts kick ass!!

just so long as we don't get caught wearing them at the same time, then its gravy :)

2004-03-09 17:45:06 ET

yeah see then we would look dorkish hehe

2004-03-09 17:48:23 ET

*nods* yeah i think so too

2004-03-09 18:05:04 ET

see...dorkish ehehe

2004-03-09 18:09:25 ET


2004-03-09 18:10:36 ET

i obviously can't type this evening

2004-03-09 18:11:11 ET

yeah but, it's okay, really

2004-03-09 18:11:49 ET


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