From The Soul Of An Angel :)
2004-03-09 17:55:36 ET it is..what everyone has been fussing over..ok well not everyone, just one person..Gabe is your surprise. :D

Also..if anyone wants any, let me know :D's like a whole We Love Gabe Fan Club I'm starting..yes you heard me I AM starting it so deal haha. :D



2004-03-09 18:10:50 ET

we are hott bitches *nodnod*

2004-03-09 18:12:34 ET

indeed we are...indeed. except you have like this itty bitty waist and i'm all BAM haha. oh well i'm working on it.

2004-03-09 18:15:33 ET


2004-03-09 18:17:04 ET

hammer time *breaks it down*

2004-03-09 18:18:34 ET


2004-03-09 18:22:01 ET

haha you soooo changed your avatar...we are cute!!

2004-03-09 18:24:03 ET


2004-03-09 19:35:18 ET

*jumps around and raises hand* oooOOOOOooooh i wanna join! i do i do i do!!! :P *kisses and hugs ms. tasha* i miss you and the shirts loooooook GRRRRRRRRRRRReat!!! <3 <3 <3 ms. saNdy

2004-03-09 19:37:35 ET

heheh yay someone found them :D *dances around* you can sooo get one too if you want hehe

2004-03-09 19:40:24 ET

YAY OF COURSE SOMEONE FOUND THEM!!! *hugs and jumps around* i SOOOOOOOOOOO seriously want ONE! ASAP!!!! <333

2004-03-09 21:36:04 ET

Nice! you are some hot bitches! hehe ;) wish i was there! hehe can i join? :D

2004-03-09 23:44:53 ET

:::tears::: that is awesome!!! O_o *hugs*huge hugs*more hugs*... wow... awesomeness...
:-D i'm all happy now

2004-03-10 00:55:00 ET

Tasha did GOOD

2004-03-10 01:07:12 ET

this she did... i'm so happy :-D

2004-03-10 07:52:27 ET

of course you can join brad :D anyone can hehe.

and i have no idea where the idea even came from i was just like, hey this would be a good idea haha. i'm so bizarre sometimes

2004-03-10 08:04:50 ET

not bizarre


2004-03-10 13:30:55 ET

deffinately awesome \m/

2004-03-10 17:53:52 ET

not bizarre! i think its greatness! Brilliance!

2004-03-10 17:55:45 ET

giggitygiggitygiggity allllriiiighhht :) *dances around*

2004-03-10 17:56:19 ET

it was the bestest

2004-03-10 17:57:00 ET

awww *blushified*

2004-03-10 18:22:15 ET


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