I'm such a nerd ...
2004-03-10 16:49:41 ET

So I'm driving around with my friend matt, and we are leaving verizon to go eat somewhere and his radio comes on..it's like rap or something so i turned it, and it went to the light rock station, the guy was like "going to be giving away some Sting tickets" and i'm like yeah like i'd need those haha.

so the lady starts singing and i flip cause i know the song, and the only reason i flipped for knowing it is cause it's a song that's not super popular (for anyone who knows me, you know that i pretty much have every sting song filed away in my memory) anyway..so i called in, i had no idea what the contest was or what you had to do, so i just called, not expecting much.

well the answer..now keep in mind, i've almost completely lost my voice...riiiight. so the guy asks me my name and i told him and i asked if they were "doing the sting thing" haha and

radio guy: "yeah whatcha got for us"

me: "is it Ghost Story" (for those paying attention, that's the song i posted a few days ago..soooo good)

radio girl/guy: *Screaming* Yay!!! that's right...

radio guy: but now..now you gotta sing it...


me: um..what?

radio guy: yup you gotta sing it for us


me: ok dude i totally lost my voice

radio guy: that's what makes it so great!

radio girl: *starts humming the song* come on i know you know it..

me: well of course i know it, i've been listening to it non-stop for the past 2 weeks

radio guy: why?!

me: cause it's my favorite song of his

radio girl: oh well that's good then, you can just have the tickets..i'm just going to give them to ya.

me: Serious? cool!

haha so yeah i just won tickets to a concert i wouldn't even have to buy tickets to in the first place. so if they are better than the ones dad can get me, then i'm keeping them, if not i'll pawn them off on one of my friends who wants to go, since now apparently everyone is coming out of the woodwork wanting to go to a Sting show..haha..it's weird. normally i have to hunt people down to go with me, now everyone wants to go, kinda cool. but i always feel bad taking more than 2-3 people with me since dad has to get the tickets and stuff..i don't want to be all "show off" like you know?

anyway, so that was the extent of my day.

other than i finally get to talk to gabe hehe :D yay *dances around*

so today, has been a good day indeed. :D

2004-03-10 16:54:58 ET

that's pretty awesome!!!
kinda curious what you mean by showing off? :-\

2004-03-10 16:56:11 ET

didn't i tell yas bout what my dad does for his job?

2004-03-10 16:57:11 ET


2004-03-10 16:57:47 ET

haha okies i'll tell ya on AIM :-D

2004-03-10 16:58:21 ET

otay :-)

2004-03-10 17:21:02 ET

lucky you are

2004-03-10 17:22:20 ET

yeah, her dad has a hella cool job. Lucky tash and her sting tickets. the extent of my winning...is a free drink with any purchase of a burger and large fries.

2004-03-10 17:22:23 ET

hehe i'm daymn lucky..buuuut if all works out well you'll be here :D

2004-03-10 17:22:59 ET

haha normally i can't win shit, this was a COMPLETE surprise

2004-03-10 17:24:12 ET


2004-03-10 17:26:54 ET

Sting...in concert has gotta be effin awesome...more awesome than...than...sitting outside a tittie bar for an hour

2004-03-10 17:28:51 ET

ooooh funk you haha. and it was almost 2 hours thank you very much 20 min shy of 2 hours outside a titty bar....gawd and then the bullshit i had to listen to all the way to the gas station, then her house, then my house...lordy. i finally was jus tlike, hey matt i'm just goign to go home we can hang tomorrow. no way in hell i was goin to hang with ryan after he had already hung up on matt and started shit....*shakes head* the people i hang out with..geesh.

2004-03-10 17:31:34 ET

lol...you poor thing, nice to see you had a "fun" night

2004-03-10 17:36:10 ET

haha it was...intersting to say the least

2004-03-10 19:50:48 ET

O_o ok i totally missed this titty bar thing... what were you doin' outside of a titty bar?

2004-03-10 20:41:25 ET


ok so matt IMs me earlier in the day:

matt: hey you still wanna hang out?

me: yeah sure when?

matt: um i gotta go pick up my friend from work at 7 (this was like 5ish) you wanna ride with and keep me company?

me: no problem...

so he comes to get me...we are on our way to verizon to switch over my cell phone into his name..and bam..he hits me with 'we are picking up cassy from work, she's a stripper'

ok first of all, i have nothing against titty bars, nothing against strippers...i just personally..have no use for sitting inside a titty bar staring at boobs all night...i gots my own, dont' need to look at no one elses..haha. so i'm like..."ok you can go inside, i'll just wait outside for you guys"

well then matt's like "i'm not leaving you outside, i'll just run in and tell the doorman that we're here to pick her up and are waiting ouside for her"

so yeah when we got there it was 6:20, at 7:50 matt goes back inside to bitch out the doorman for a second time, finds cassy and we proceed to leave, as she's going on in the backseat about how at her job you have to actually come in and find her cause no one is going to give her a message

2004-03-10 20:42:06 ET

the whole time i was messaging you, we were sitting in matts car waiting for cassy haha

2004-03-10 20:51:35 ET

ahh i see that's cool... :-)

(understands) i don't even have a pair of boobs... i really don't wanna go to a titty bar though... i think it'd just be awkward to sit there and watch someone dance around naked... (just kinda weird for me anyways haha)..

but out of your little thing i found another question haha

why were you gettin' your cell phone switched over to his name?

2004-03-10 20:54:36 ET

my old cell phone. the one that verizon has basically screwed me over on. i rechecked my contract and it was only for one year, and they renewed it for two bastards..so i had to get rid of it..and it was cheaper (or so we thought) to switch it into his name instaed of me paying the fee for an early cancelation, but it woudl have cost him 400 to get the phone cause he has no credit...bastards. so yeah haha..he's just taking it and paying the bill now..whatever..as long as it gets paid or we are shutting it off

2004-03-10 20:59:44 ET

that's pretty fucked up O_o... crazy stuff...

2004-03-10 21:00:46 ET

crazy indeed...lots is crazy when it involves matthew haha

2004-03-10 21:03:32 ET

hahaha... he sounds interesting

2004-03-10 21:05:14 ET

i'm sure you'll meet him once or twice..haha. he's definately...well he's just matty :) we love him :D

2004-03-10 21:12:28 ET

hahaha... it'll deffinately be somethin' dif. :-)... i'm excitement... like you didn't already know haha

2004-03-11 09:18:40 ET

i'm excitement too so it's allll good :)

2004-03-11 10:09:34 ET

glad to know i'm not alone :-D

2004-03-11 17:15:38 ET

you are definately not alone :)

2004-03-11 19:50:18 ET

I never have been able to win anything off the Radio..ether i forget the number, or i cant get through...almost won something once, they asked a question about back to the future, adn i knew it to! but alas....the guys said the number to fast for me to get my cell...lol

2004-03-11 19:51:05 ET

awww *big hugs* like i said, it's very rare for me to win stuff..this was a OMG haha spaztic moment

2004-03-11 21:24:52 ET

yea that's pretty sweet... i never win stuff like that (but i rarely try 2 either)... so i guess it's not too surprising
i'm glad ya won though... pretty awesome \m/

2004-03-11 21:27:47 ET

hehe i felt all special cause she didnt' make me sing. and the guy was all "ok if anyone wants to call up and dispute this..it was alllll monique's idea...i had no say in this" haha

2004-03-11 21:31:04 ET

awwww... well it was pretty nice that he gave 'em to you despite not singing it

2004-03-11 21:32:30 ET

indeed it is..cause i sounded bad enough just tryin to talk haha.

2004-03-11 21:41:22 ET

awwww... i'm sure it wouldn't have sounded that bad :-P

2004-03-11 21:42:11 ET

hehe you haven't heard me talk recently silly :)

2004-03-11 21:42:32 ET

this is true... :::finger to chin:::

2004-03-11 21:43:39 ET

hehe i sound like i'm a 12 year old boy going through puberty *nodnod*

2004-03-11 21:44:20 ET

yea it's adorable!!! hahaha

2004-03-11 21:44:41 ET


2004-03-12 03:47:41 ET

wow, you do sound like that, haha

2004-03-12 15:01:38 ET

yea i was surprised myself haha... it's so cute though!!!

2004-03-12 17:36:55 ET

hehe, oh she will just love that!! tehe :)

2004-03-12 18:49:14 ET

hahaha yes gabe was having much fun asking me twenty questions so i could talk, silly person :)

2004-03-12 19:12:14 ET

hahaha... yes it was very enjoyable

2004-03-12 19:17:33 ET

:) i'm glad you had fun :) cause i did too *nodnod*

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