*points up* I'll take the ..colonel's fun pack...
2004-03-11 09:28:23 ET

haha..*giggles* man i love dane cook.

ok anyway, small update for everyone..

tasha has laryngitis...blarg. so i'm sicky blarg!

and umm..other than that..i'm doing peachy keen ;)

i'm all happy and shit..*dance around*

just talked to the girl i'm going to see Bowie with. she won the tickets and just got them, they are like front row center...OMG haha. David Bowie.......super close....*faints* I <3 him.

I don't know a lot of his music, but what i do know i absolutely adore. He is the coolest hehe yay! so that's in may and i'm sooo lookin forward to it. *dances around*

ok that's all...off to try and get more sleepy time

2004-03-11 10:40:25 ET

awww that's cool... sounds like fun... \m/ :-)...

dream sweetly :-)

2004-03-11 17:16:49 ET

loads of fun indeed..which is what will be had once you come visit *nodnod* yup :D

2004-03-11 21:46:26 ET

tis true tis true... tons of fun

2004-03-11 21:49:08 ET

if i can talk

2004-03-12 09:59:11 ET

*hands you a cup of chamomile tea with honey* i hope you feel better ms. tash! *hugs* miss ya miss ya lots....ook now i wanted to break out into blink 182 song...hahahha! :P :P :P

2004-03-12 18:50:42 ET

mmmm i've been drinking sooo much chamomile tea haha

2004-03-12 18:55:19 ET

*shrieks* omFg!!!! ITS MS. TASH *jumps around the entire room* OMG OMG OMG OMG : O !!!!!!!! *hugs and kisses* I MISS YOU LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!!!!

.......and lots!

2004-03-12 18:57:25 ET

*jumps around with you* i miss you lots and lots and lots too ms sandy!!!!

ps mommy says you are pretty *nodnod*

pps would someone please notice my subject line and know what the funk i'm talking about...please?

2004-03-12 19:00:18 ET

"yea i'll just take the fun pack....thats it! "

VAN DAME!!! *straightens face* tehehehee!!!!

p.s. *blushes and giggless* tell moms that i said thank you *hides under desk*

2004-03-12 19:04:05 ET

*giggles* vandam..*tries to stop giggling but it doesn't work*

hehe sorry i was showing mommy all the pics of my friends on SK hehe.

2004-03-12 19:09:25 ET

hahahahaha sooo cute!!! *squeezes ms. tash's cheek*
yay i missed you!

2004-03-12 19:11:53 ET

*dances around all giddy*

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