2004-03-12 19:19:02 ET

--[ SERIES 1 - YOU ]--
--Name: Natasha
–Nicknames: toast, tash, tasha, matasha, shortstack, etc...
--Birthday: 11/28
–Birthplace: Raytown/Kansas City, Missouri
--Current Location: Plainfield/Terre Haute, Indiana
--Eye Color: blue/grey/green
--Hair Color: umm...brown, blonde, red, yellow-orange-ish..haha i got my hair colored tonight all funk-dified.
--Righty or Lefty: righty
--Zodiac Sign: Sag
--Innie or Outtie: I'm an innie
–Religion: i was baptised catholic, but i odn't really follow any "rules" anymore..

--Music: almost anything and everything...i really really really like lots of stuff so it's hard to pinpoint
–Cartoon: family guy, if that counts :) or Foamy hehe
–Color: black, red, fuschia and hot pink (omg ms sandy, you have the same favorite colors as me!!!)
--Slushy Flavor: watermelon (! same again!!)
–Magazine: I like Spin or Rolling Stone
--TV Show: both CSI's and all the Law & Orders, South Park, Without A Trace, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
–Song: at the moment it's "Ghost Story" by Sting. but it changes regularly
–Language: pretty much anything with an accent, but so far as foreign language.umm..i'll go with French or Spanish or Italian
--Spice Girl: I um...spice girls...*remembers video and hides under desk*
--Food & Beverage: mac and cheese is the shit, a & w root beer
--Subject in School: history or psychology classes. and my crim classes of course
--Weekend Activity: umm...listening to music, and spending time with my girls (olivia and emilee)
--Ice Cream Flavor: oooh mint chocolate chip
--Roller Coaster: motion sickness and intesnse fear of heights...i steer clear of the roller coasters

--[ SERIES 3 - WHAT IS ]--
--Your most overused phrase on aol: umm...well my most overused phrase everywhere is "giggitygiggity" and "indeed" among others.
--The first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning: "time to take more medicine and go back to sleep"
--The last image/thought you go to sleep with: depends..last night hehe..umm..*blushes* i don't wanna say...makes me all shy-like. but i had nice thoughts to go to sleep with last eve
--The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: smile and eyes if they are viewable.
--The Best Name for a Butler: Rosario ;)
--The wussiest sport: golf indeed...though umm..i could say something else but it would start a riot so i'm not going to.
--Your best feature: i've been told my smile is nice.
--Your bedtime: whenever i can't keep my eyes open any longer.
--Your greatest fear: heights
--Your greatest accomplishment: i don't know if i've had one yet...
--Your most missed memory: *cries* viola time

--[ SERIES 4 - YOU PREFER? ]--
--Pepsi or coke: whatever i can get...
--McDonald's or Burger King: McDoonald's
--Single or group dates: depends on the situation, i dont' mind either, unless it's supposed to be all romantic...then single of course
--Adidas or nike: ugh do i have to choose one of those? adidas i guess..
--Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers: mcnuggets all the way!
--Dogs or cats: i'll take them all :)
--Rugrats or Doug: Rocko's Modern Life thank you very much...
--Single or taken: *ponders* single
--AeroSmith or Red Hot Chilli Peppers: depends on my mood
--Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Either, sweetened no lemon
Hot?: english breakfast, earl grey, or chamomile
--Chocolate or vanilla: in or on what?
--Hot chocolate or hot cocoa: hot cocoa *nodnod*
--Cappucino or coffee: i'll take a chai :)
--Drinks with or without ice cubes: the least amount of ice as possible, unless it's crushed ice then i want lots and lots
--Boxers or briefs: boxer briefs..hehe
--Give or receive: what are we giving and recieving? i suck at recieving anything so i'll go with giving...

--[ SERIES 5 - DO YOU ]--
--Take a shower everyday? dur!
--Have a(any) crush(es)? hehe *blushes*
--Want to go to college? i am going :)
--Like high school? *cries* i miss it
--Want to get married: indeed
--Type with your fingers on the right keys? mmhmm unless i'm tired then i muff up a lot
--Believe in yourself? no unfortunately i don't
--Have any tattoos/where? yes, on my back, a fairy/mime
--Have any piercings/where? ears, three times each and my lip right side on the bottom
--Get motion sickness? indeed i do..sometimes.
--Think you're a health freak? no but i need to be
--Get along with your parents? sometimes..depends on what i've done haha.

2004-03-12 19:30:33 ET

you fucken rawk ms. natasha!!!!! YOU DOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *hugs*

2004-03-12 20:30:23 ET

hehe noooo you rawk *nodnod* *hugs*

2004-03-13 04:57:39 ET

i didn't read it all, um, yet, just got to the Vandam part and lost it. lol

2004-03-13 20:01:54 ET

hehehe you are craaaazzay

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