The distance of being just out of reach Is taking its effect on me
2004-03-14 20:19:13 ET

I don't really have a whole lot to say.

I got back to school tonight, feels so empty here.

It didn't feel much less empty at home, but at least i don't have to drive an hour to talk to someone face to face.

Well ok i can talk to people face to face here, but you know what i mean haha.

Alright, that's all off to bed now ..oh and here some stuff put in my hair, color and such. Sorry the lighting is bad but it's the best I could do this late at night.

2004-03-14 20:33:21 ET

oooh cute!

2004-03-14 20:36:40 ET

it was supposed to be WAY more red, but she didn't have the damn coloro so she just mixed a whole bunch, i don't have a picture of the back of it, but hte bottom is bleached/copper

2004-03-14 20:37:45 ET

its still cute!!!!

2004-03-14 20:38:13 ET

thanks :)

2004-03-14 20:43:09 ET

hehe you're hair kinda looks like mine

2004-03-14 20:43:48 ET


2004-03-15 08:15:21 ET

I likes it! hehe

2004-03-15 08:18:50 ET

*dances around*

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