Sometimes...just sometimes...
2004-03-15 07:34:18 ET

you much you really don't know people...

2004-03-15 07:36:04 ET

tell me about it

2004-03-15 07:40:16 ET

This sounds very sad. I hope things get better for you two.

2004-03-15 07:42:12 ET

trust me, it is very sad. i have been reminded of it twice now in the past three days.

*big hugs to vilola;)* things will get better...i know they will

2004-03-15 10:11:57 ET

who am i?

2004-03-15 10:43:06 ET

you are the bestest casey in the world :D

2004-03-15 13:32:14 ET

damm skippy!!

2004-03-15 13:44:33 ET

*huggles* and damn if i haven't missed the bestest casey in the world

2004-03-16 02:00:17 ET

awwwwwwwwe im missed?? when ya comin back to the 816??

2004-03-16 08:56:22 ET

heh i'm not sure when i'm coming back, oma is here right now, but i promise i'll let ya know as sooon as i do :D

and of course your missed :D

2004-03-16 14:34:46 ET

<< misses bonnie!!

2004-03-16 14:35:44 ET

awww *big hugs*

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