"I never wear shoes, because, they make me fall down"
2004-03-16 14:30:39 ET

hehe The Birdcage is on tonight...hell yeah! I'm soooo watching..hell i may even tape it *dances around* so i can watch the Guatamalanous allll the time over and over again :)

"C'mon, are ju afraid of my Guatamalanous?"

"She works hard for the money, eee eee eee eee...so hard for the money, eee eee eee eee. I work hard for the money, so ju better treat me right! Ah, that's right!"

and i sooo jsut found this site and it's hularious

2004-03-16 14:31:44 ET

*falls out of chair*

that is soooooooooo funny!!!

2004-03-16 14:31:59 ET


2004-03-16 15:00:37 ET

I have never seen this movie. How sad! ='(

2004-03-16 15:02:14 ET

awww you sooo should watch it ..i'm taping you should come watch :) hehe. it's the greatest ever

2004-03-16 15:04:53 ET

Another drag queen movie I haven't seen is Precilla, Queen of the Desert.

Actually, I don't think I've seen ANY drag queen movies. =P

2004-03-16 15:18:48 ET

you haven't seen To Wong Foo??????? *passes out*

2004-03-16 15:24:53 ET

I've never even heard of it. =\

2004-03-16 15:32:45 ET

O_o mark dearie..hehe it's kinda scary how much patrick swayze looked like a woman...

2004-03-16 15:34:33 ET


2004-03-16 15:37:45 ET

it's the greatest..two of the most masculine men dressing as women (i don't put john leguizamo in that group cause he dresses like a girl all the time)

2004-03-16 15:44:13 ET

i can't believe you haven't seen it!! :)

2004-03-16 15:45:42 ET

Yeah, the one on the right seems to be getting really into it ;)

2004-03-16 15:54:17 ET

that would be mr john, he does a lot of drag in his comedy act where he plays people from his family, he's hularious.

patrick was the most convincing, wesley wasn't very convincing but he was still funny haha

2004-03-16 15:56:18 ET

omg those pictures almost killed me i was laughing hardxcore

2004-03-16 16:02:39 ET

i sooo joined the agador spartacus fan club!!!

2004-03-16 16:04:23 ET

LOL thats sooooo funny!!!
seriously those pics are ones id hang on my wall
right now ive got hawt boys and guys making out all over my wall

2004-03-16 16:07:58 ET

hehe cute

2004-03-16 16:25:35 ET

nothin like tryin to sleep.....lookin over...and see hawt boys makin out

2004-03-16 16:35:50 ET

hehhehe cute

2004-03-21 18:59:19 ET

great american classics *hugs* YOUR SO AWESOME!!!

2004-03-21 19:06:16 ET

*big hugs* It's ms sandy!!!! *dances around*

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