rap....metal....rap...metal....whitney houston?
2004-03-16 18:50:33 ET

hehe matt and chris are suppose to come visit me tomorrow..and then umm...well ok that's actually all

but vilola is gonna come stay a week with me yay!!! *dances round*

dance party usa teenie bopper type of shit right?

and did you compare the percentage of teenage male rex manning fans, to the incidence of homosexuality amongst teenage males...

2004-03-17 04:11:53 ET

*dances around with tasha*

two and a half weeks!!

2004-03-17 08:31:43 ET

hehe whoooot!

2004-03-17 09:29:49 ET

empire records good choice!

2004-03-17 11:57:08 ET

of course it's a good choice :D i'm probably going to watch it again tonight haha.

2004-03-18 12:08:06 ET

i haven't seen it in soo long its disgusting

2004-03-18 12:10:42 ET

awww you should come watch it *nodnod*

2004-03-18 12:17:29 ET

id love too

2004-03-18 12:17:57 ET

if you could put up with me knowing the entire script haha

2004-03-18 12:21:00 ET

nah id bet you're pretty mild compared to some people i know... lol its all good tho

2004-03-18 12:22:10 ET

hmm i dunno when it comes to empire i get kinda crazaay haha. :)

2004-03-18 12:43:11 ET

lol sounds entertaining and fun to me

2004-03-18 12:45:32 ET

much fun :)

2004-03-18 12:58:24 ET

excellent im gonna hang out with you someday then

2004-03-18 13:29:18 ET

yay! *dances around*

2004-03-20 17:17:03 ET

Yea it'll be tons of fun, full of craziness

2004-03-20 18:38:59 ET

craziness is the best kind of fun :D

2004-03-21 09:38:30 ET

that it is

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