what's with today, today?
2004-03-18 09:14:47 ET

so yesturday in criminalistics we did fingerprinting *dances around* damn that was some fun shit. but my brush blows so i'm going to see if i can get myself my own brush :D so i don't have to use the crappy one anymore.

we used black fingerprinting dust, which is the most coarse and a pain in the ass haha. i'm still blowing black shit out my nose! *cries* damn the man. haha. and it gets allll over everything. and our countertops in class are black...so cleaning up is a big ol' disaster.

i'm going to take in windex wipes, hand wipes, and umm..oh paper towels haha. just to make it easier for me and britney (funk everyone else at our station).

also having mom get in touch with our family doctor. i'm really worried about my voice. it's been almost 2 weeks now and i still don't have it back completely. like..if i needed to scream i wouldn't be able to haha. not that i need to scream, just an example you know? i have nothing above a medium tone in my voice, it sucks really bad. and i'm kinda scared it's not coming back.

going home this weekend. no one to come visit me so i'd rather be home then sitting here bored. plus i have a paper due soon and i need to get the pictures from my house that i forgot (i'm such a space)

ok that's it for my long and pointless post :)


2004-03-18 09:55:02 ET

oooooh i was in a criminology class for A VERY SHORT time...but it was still fun as hell

and suckage on the voice thing hope you get it hack!
maybe someone done something to you and now its gone....and then they are going to murder you because they know you can't scream

err tooo much time on ms rachel's hands.....i should stop

2004-03-18 10:02:42 ET

you should get a hobby hahaha

2004-03-18 10:03:17 ET

lol OH I KNOW!
I have been looking for one for soooooo long...i can't find one

2004-03-18 10:46:07 ET

you voice will return, when i get back, your voice will come back :) hehe

i got nothing

2004-03-18 11:50:21 ET

hahaha yeah....um actually i'll probably lose it again when you come visit! haha. damn the man!

2004-03-18 11:58:13 ET

damn the man indeed

2004-03-19 22:19:09 ET

damn the man...damn him to hell....

2004-03-19 22:34:53 ET

i shall do that..indeed

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