"the royal penis is clean your highness"
2004-03-20 19:04:33 ET

haha...i bought "Coming to America" and "The Birdcage" on DVD today! yay for me!!!

already watched the birdcage hah i would have watched coming to america instead but oma was in the room and that one is a little more..well not appropriate for my grandma.

went to jakes 2nd birthday party tonight, much fun...i love little kids.

i'm so tired haha. but i have no urge to sleep. blarg go figure right?

ok that's all for my update...

<3 much love all <3

2004-03-21 00:11:34 ET

clean mine next?

2004-03-21 06:42:27 ET

i don't know how coming to america would be any worse then the birdcage?... hahaha.... (with the little men humping on the china hahahaha).... that's so funny hahaha

2004-03-21 10:12:06 ET

clyde: *blushified*

gabe: well...the naked people, and the line which i used for my subject line, and then they cuss a whole lot more in that movie..haha i don't think oma would find it very entertaining :) but i'm going to watch it tonight when i get back to school

2004-03-21 10:13:25 ET

oh i don't remember seein' naked peopla in coming to america :::finger to chin:::... but i suppose it's possible...

2004-03-21 10:17:23 ET

haha have you watched it from a video or dvd or on like HBO? Cause they cut that part out when you watch it on tv. *nodnod* there is definately nekkid-ness.

2004-03-21 10:19:57 ET

i watched it on starz... so possibly so...

i do remember somethin' about a royal penis though hahaha...

2004-03-21 10:21:32 ET

that's the scene with the nekkidness..well the nekkidness i remember, there could be more. those girls are definately nekkid in the bath with him *shudders* nekkid with eddie murphy..he's funny but..*shudders*

2004-03-21 10:24:19 ET

hahaha... yea i guess there was some nudity in it...

2004-03-21 10:25:38 ET

*nodnod* luckily james earl jones didn't join in the nekkid party hah

2004-03-21 10:29:23 ET

yes... very very lucky!!!!... haha that would just have been scary...
oh oh i wanna watch field of dreams now...

2004-03-21 10:30:38 ET

hahah *falls over laughing* now everytime i think of that movie (field of dreams) it reminds me of the show on VH1 "I Love The 80s: Strikes Back" caus they talk about that movie and this one actor goes "if you touch me, i will come" hahha

2004-03-21 10:31:01 ET

hahahahahha i haven't seen that episode of i love the 80's... i've seen a lot of the others

2004-03-21 10:32:14 ET

i've seen them all...i have the first one just the regular i love the 80s ones, i have htem all taped haha.

2004-03-21 10:33:42 ET

wow hahaha... i remember the crack is wack one hahaha... that one is hilarious

2004-03-21 10:35:26 ET

i just love that stuff cause i remember it all and that's sad. what's also sad is that i remember some of the stuff from the "I Love the 70s" haha. which, iwasn't alive in the 70s i guess i just watched a lot of old reruns on tv

2004-03-21 10:36:22 ET

hahaha... yea i did 2... so not too surprising :-)... :-*...

i remember most of the stuff on the 80's haha....

2004-03-21 10:37:44 ET

i guess they did a "why the 90s rocked" show but i missed it and haven't seen it on anytime recently, my cousin said it's really funny though, so hopefully i'll catch it. not like i do much but sit at my computer and watch tv haha

2004-03-21 10:40:01 ET

yea... i never heard of it... i wanna see that O_o

2004-03-21 10:40:51 ET

me too :D if i see it on i'll prolly tape it haha i tape everything

2004-03-21 10:41:30 ET

haha that's cool... i would but the vcr is in my mom's room... so i rarely get to tape stuff

2004-03-22 07:29:09 ET

life...real life!!

hey FUCK YOU buddy!!


2004-03-22 10:10:33 ET

*looks around curious* casey dear is everything ok? :)

oooh haha sorry just hit me...the "fuck you" is from coming to america *slaps own forhead* dur!

2004-03-22 14:19:53 ET

there ya go!!

2004-03-22 15:49:59 ET

haha took me a minute, had to read it a few times haha.

man i love htat movie

2004-03-22 17:32:37 ET

me too...and harlem nights too!!

2004-03-22 18:05:11 ET

:( i haven't seen that one

2004-03-22 20:38:18 ET


2004-03-22 20:40:34 ET

hehe OK :) *hugs* how is casey??

2004-03-22 21:59:28 ET

hahaha harlem nights was a good movie \m/

2004-03-22 22:45:41 ET

i will have to look into it

2004-03-23 14:21:46 ET

casey is sick...

2004-03-23 14:36:20 ET

awww *big hugs* i'm sorry

2004-03-23 20:01:23 ET

and a girl blew him off...bad week!!

2004-03-23 20:02:07 ET

awwww *super big hugs and some smooches* poor casey! :(

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