So here's the deal...
2004-03-21 19:53:39 ET

So I scanned a whole shit load of pictures of me from a long time ago hehe.

So I'm going to post them in i'll put some here, and then i'm going to put the rest in replies to this post so that it doesn't take fifty years to load at first :)

so if you want to see them..then please continue..

ok here we go:

baby tasha:

baby tasha...with beer O_o:

2004-03-21 19:55:17 ET

wow drinkin' at a young age... how sweet hahaha

2004-03-21 19:57:14 ET

HAhaha, oh my, darling!

2004-03-21 19:59:36 ET

lots of comments come to mind ms. tash but i just wont!!! *hugs and kisses*

2004-03-21 20:00:23 ET

haha (i can't help but wonder if that actually had beer in it... or if they were just doin' it for a joke picture) O_o

2004-03-21 20:03:31 ET

oh i'm not even finished hold your horses..cause damn does it get better

2004-03-21 20:03:37 ET

toddler tasha

with food...damn i'm cute..i should have been in commercials:

2004-03-21 20:04:14 ET

more of toddler/ish tasha...haha man my hair was funked up

2004-03-21 20:04:23 ET

but damn i was cute

2004-03-21 20:04:32 ET

apparently, i liked ballet, and suitcases:

2004-03-21 20:04:41 ET

we have so many pictures of this one..i fell asleep with two cookies in my hand, in a laundry basket, infront of my carebears kitchen set

i look...exactly like my dad...i think we both had the same hair cut too...

2004-03-21 20:04:49 ET

ok seriously the hair just keeps getting worse

ok this was senior pictures :)

2004-03-21 20:05:03 ET

ok that's all sorry my internet was finally working so i had to do them all at once

2004-03-21 20:07:29 ET

you are so adorable... haha the fallin' asleep one is so funny!! hahaha...

2004-03-21 20:07:44 ET

You're adorable, babe. =)

2004-03-21 20:08:49 ET

YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! okay and you are hotT!!! hehehehe! i envy your beautiful eyes i dooo!!! :)

2004-03-21 20:09:09 ET

*blushified* thanks you :D

2004-03-21 20:10:14 ET

beautiful eyes? ms sandy you are silly

2004-03-21 20:11:32 ET

wow.....WOW!!!!! i think i got a few Marines i want you to meet!!! i know they'd like you ;p

2004-03-21 20:12:29 ET

you do have beautiful eyes :-*... and a beatiful mouth and a beautiful lips... and a beautiful nose... and beautiful ears... and a beautiful neck... and a beautiful..... :-*

2004-03-21 20:12:30 ET

*blushified* marines?? hehe

2004-03-21 20:12:43 ET

*blushified more* gabe dear you are sooooo sweet :)

2004-03-21 20:15:51 ET

:-D.... thank you *hugs*

2004-03-21 20:15:58 ET

AWWWWWWW! *squeals and runs around and around* !!!!!!!

2004-03-21 20:16:29 ET

awww you so cute

2004-03-21 20:18:05 ET

*gasps wide eyed* ms. kandi cane *stares in disbelief and screams* YAAAAY!!! *throws glitter and bubbles in the air just for you* YAY! YAY! YAY oi i've missed everyone on here!!!

2004-03-21 20:18:08 ET

hehe you guys are so nice

and can i just say...anyone seen the new "stress free water resistant khakis" commerical? hot guy alert.

2004-03-21 20:23:09 ET

*slaps ms. tash's arm* duuuuuuDe i thought iwas the only that had seen taht! this just goes to show you how fucken rad you are!!!

2004-03-21 20:24:28 ET

hahah nooo i just saw it..i was like O_O

2004-03-21 20:26:13 ET

HI SANDY *hugs* missed ya

2004-03-21 20:26:45 ET

damn i look like a dork in my "ballet" "work out" pictures

2004-03-21 20:34:04 ET

ok these two didn't make i wasn't a cheerleader i was in baton classes :)

and this one is me and my cousins (tim, melissa, jesse, and me)

and this is me and my mom :)

2004-03-21 20:37:50 ET

awwww so cute

2004-03-21 20:39:51 ET

i really like the one of me and mom :)

2004-03-21 20:41:29 ET

tis a really good one... *kisses* :-*

2004-03-21 20:42:58 ET

aww :D

2004-03-21 20:45:08 ET


2004-03-21 20:45:43 ET

hahaha i soooo was a fat baby..look at my wrists!

2004-03-21 20:47:06 ET

i was a tiny baby O_o... i got chubby... and now i'm back to semi-skinny...

2004-03-21 20:48:11 ET

you do look like her alot....except for a few extra pierceing of course :p

2004-03-21 20:48:58 ET

hehe yeah she'd never have those :) but i do look a lot like my dad in some of the pictures haha.

2004-03-21 20:50:24 ET

hehe i love baby pictures

2004-03-21 20:50:44 ET

either way you are so... :::cuddles::: :-*... *poke*... oops sorry bout that

2004-03-21 20:51:02 ET

hehe everybody is soo nice *blushes*

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