yeah well i'm done with it
2004-03-22 18:17:44 ET

games, lies, stupidity...all of it, i'm done.

don't lie to me
don't pretend to be something that your not

i'm done with the games..completely done. it's stupid and i don't have time for it.

so if you catch me not you know why.

<3 much love to those of you who deserve it <3

2004-03-22 18:18:48 ET

<3 much love back <3

2004-03-22 18:22:09 ET

i'm done

your done

we're all done

2004-03-22 18:23:38 ET


i'm lucky

you're lucky

we're alllllll lucky

2004-03-22 18:25:09 ET

i don't know that i am lucky, but whatever you say tasha

2004-03-22 18:25:23 ET

haha it's from Rocky Horror silly

2004-03-22 18:26:36 ET

oh yeah



2004-03-22 18:33:20 ET

eep!!!! ::gets real silent::

2004-03-22 19:07:24 ET

not you sweetie *hugs* <3 much love for nate <3 :)

2004-03-22 19:23:59 ET

oh tasha....that hurts!
with all my love I get none back?

2004-03-22 19:41:05 ET

Lotsa <3 back to Tasha <3 cheer up sweetie!

2004-03-22 19:42:46 ET

oh i'm cheerie just fine :D

2004-03-22 20:02:29 ET

that is good...bc i will come up there to cheer u up! Right now! See>> *poofs like Nightcrawler and knocks on Tasha's door* heheh

2004-03-22 20:03:30 ET

haha you and the nightcrawler stuff :D rawk

2004-03-22 20:13:52 ET

:D i only wish i could actually do that..hehe

2004-03-22 20:16:03 ET

haha it would be shhhhweeet to be able to be wherever you wanted whenever you want

2004-03-22 23:44:13 ET

oh whats wrong??? :-\ *hugs*... it's not me is it :::gets real quiet:::

2004-03-23 08:59:40 ET

awww *big hugs* no dearie it's not you i promise

2004-03-23 11:19:37 ET

is it me....*hides*

2004-03-23 14:37:01 ET

riiight kandess you piss me off so hardcore it's not even funny *note the sarcasm*

2004-03-23 21:43:53 ET

i had a feeling it was kandess :::snickers::: :-* *hugs* <3

2004-03-23 21:46:51 ET

*giggles* oh yeah she's such a bitch!!

2004-03-23 21:53:30 ET

i know right!!!... :::shakeshead:::... why she even had to question it... :::shrugs::: :-P hahahaha

2004-03-23 21:54:26 ET

hehe *hugs* <3 you kandess!! <even ifin you is a bitch O_O> hehe j/k ;)

2004-03-23 21:59:31 ET

yea kandess is a cool bitch in my book :::nods::: hahaha too much

2004-03-23 22:02:00 ET

hahaha indeed

2004-03-23 23:21:36 ET

lol shanks guys *hugs*

2004-03-23 23:25:44 ET

hehe of course *hugs*

2004-03-23 23:37:46 ET

*hugs* anytime... hahaha

2004-03-24 17:55:55 ET

U know we love you Kandess *hugs*

2004-03-25 13:09:24 ET

good, i need all the loves i can get =) *hugs everyone*

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