lovely way to start your day
2004-03-23 09:02:25 ET

So yesturday I was really sick, I only got out of bed for any extended period of time at like midnight haha..and I wasn't here long.

So since yesturday was basically a blur, I forgot that it was the 22nd and that I needed to return my loan key. So when I woke up at 9 am this morning I took it downstairs and since the lady was in I personally handed it to her, make sure she got it incase she had already sent someone to change my lock (if you don't turn it in when you are supposed to they charge you $25 and change your lock)

so i go back to my room and get in fine, cause thank goodness they hadn't changed my lock yet.

back to sleep i go since i seem to be in headache land this week..

wake up, well numerous times, but just woke up again about 15 min ago..went to the lil girls room, came back to my room to find...oh gee..i can't get in...fuckers.

they changed my damn lock! wtf?!

no point in arguing with them i'm just mom is going to be pissed casue she has to pay $25 for me being stupid and not remembering to do it yesturday.


oooh and on top of that, i was woken up at 9 am haha, by someone jackhammering outside my window ..then i was woken up at noon by a guy and a girl screaming and yelling outside my window...oh and then there was just now when i was woken up by some guy singing really really really loudly along with someones radio which was playing really really really loudly..*cries* i can't wait til next year when I face the courtyard which no one hangs out in.

2004-03-23 09:10:05 ET

*grumbles* just cause i can

2004-03-23 09:10:50 ET

hehe i edited..see see...i added on about the damn guy with the jackhammer bastard

2004-03-23 09:19:42 ET

wow girl

you are in hell right now, haha



2004-03-23 09:23:20 ET

haha you're telling me *hugs*

but mom isn't mad

2004-03-23 09:25:09 ET

well at least you got that going for ya, haha

that is always a relief!!

2004-03-23 09:26:54 ET

yeah..hehe. one relief among many "arrrrgggg"'s haha.

2004-03-23 09:28:03 ET

it will get better,

cause i will be there soon, tehe


2004-03-23 09:29:21 ET

hehe whoot!

2004-03-23 09:32:48 ET

yeah, cause my presences seems to make all bad things go away,

or something


i'm cool like that *cheesie grin*

2004-03-23 09:33:17 ET

you are indeed cool like that :D

2004-03-23 09:35:12 ET

okay, thats enough

2004-03-23 09:36:48 ET


2004-03-23 12:06:59 ET

*hugs* hope things turn up ms. tash* i hope your feelin' betta'!!!

2004-03-23 14:37:40 ET

i'm feeling decently better, other than this strange pain which may be my tummy..i don't knwo what the hell it is but it's annoying haha

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