This is how big of a dork I am...
2004-03-24 10:33:41 ET

I'm watching the DVD dad sent me of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (basically a military band production for those who don't know) and I'm seriously fighting back tears everytime they start playing the pipes :(

d'ya think i wanna be there much? haha.

2004-03-24 10:55:54 ET

awwww *cuddles*... no cry :-*...

2004-03-24 10:58:00 ET

*cuddles* i'm doing good so far :) but i dunno i'm probably going ot have to turn it off once the lone piper comes out haha..i had trouble not crying when i was there and he started playing.

2004-03-24 11:07:20 ET

awwww you're so adorable :-) *hugs*... wished i were there to watch it with ya :-(

2004-03-24 11:11:00 ET

hehe it's a dvd :) we can watch again :D actually i'd like someone to watch with me, the only reason i'mw atching it right now is because i'm taping it for my english paper i'm writing

2004-03-24 11:17:22 ET

ahhh that's cool... lookin' for an A+ ;-)... i know it'd get one from me...

2004-03-24 11:18:26 ET

hehe yeah i'm trying to suck up since i didn't go to class on tuesday :(

2004-03-24 11:19:49 ET

yea... i'll have to be doin' that to crisis control tomorrow :-\... they have no answering machine!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

2004-03-24 11:21:47 ET

:( that's really weird that they don't have an answering machine *waves spork at them*

2004-03-24 11:25:06 ET

i know right!!!

2004-03-24 11:32:50 ET

You rock, darlin' =)

2004-03-24 11:34:09 ET

awww *hugs for Mark* thanks sweetie!

2004-03-24 11:51:04 ET

Anything for you, Luv =)

2004-03-24 11:54:09 ET

*more hugs* you rawk too ;)

2004-03-24 11:54:44 ET

Thanks darlin'.

2004-03-24 11:55:06 ET

o' course :D

2004-03-24 11:55:48 ET

:::grins:::attacks tash::: :-*

2004-03-24 11:56:45 ET

O_O hehe wow

2004-03-24 13:10:12 ET

it's fair me' dear, for the fact will be a true Scot crys for the bagpipes, alone and together

MUCHO love tho' <3

2004-03-24 13:21:53 ET

aww <3 mucho love back <3 :)

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