*pitches a fit...grumbles..and cries*
2004-03-24 17:33:37 ET

I'm such a fargin dumbass...

I was writing my paper for my folklore class...and ok so the guidlines were to write about something that was a celebratory event or something like that........so i had emailed my teacher to find out about the video if she wanted it or not..and she tells me ...what should have been obvious to me but of course wasn't casue it wasn't specifically stated in the outline..

it's a damn AMERICAN folklore class.......so apparently the thing i write about has to take place in....AMERICA.

sometimes i'm just an idiot..so now i don't knwo if i should start over and write about some lame party we through with my family or if i should just stick with the Tattoo.

*cries* i swear i can be so daft sometimes

2004-03-24 17:38:41 ET

well if it wasn't stated it's kinda mucked up that they would state it after the fact... they should let you go ahead and do what you started

2004-03-24 17:40:58 ET

she would i just feel dumb

2004-03-24 17:54:36 ET

no need to feel dumb... you can't know what everyone is thinkin'... if it's not stated... it's not goin' be known

2004-03-24 18:03:30 ET

its okay hon, we all do it some time or another.....i mean i showed to work in uniform for "civillian attire" day.....

2004-03-24 18:41:01 ET

oooh yeah that blows, i used to show up at the pharmacy in scrubs on casual day all the time....not that scrubs aren't casual but sometimes jeans and a tshirt can be nice.

and i finished my new paper so yay for me

2004-03-24 18:48:49 ET

YAY that was really fast :-D

2004-03-24 19:10:28 ET

haha yeah we've been having these parties since before i was born..so i'm pretty well edumicated on them ;) doesn't take me long once i get started which is why i'm pondering if i should just go ahead and type up the scotland one or not...the only problem with it is...i was supposed to use a person for my information, not an internet source

2004-03-24 19:31:46 ET

your not a dumbass just cause you were confused about your homework...it happens to everyone ms. tash!!! *hugs* i hope your tummy is doing better!!! <3 <3 <3

2004-03-24 19:36:22 ET

it was doing better

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