*dances around*
2004-03-24 20:08:29 ET

I <3 Queen

just wanted to say that..haha.

"Steve walks warily down the street
With his brim pulled way down low..."

*whistles and skips off*

2004-03-24 20:12:54 ET

momma, just killed man
put a gun against his head
pulled my trigger now he's dead

queen is def. the shiznit

2004-03-24 20:13:45 ET

they are the shiznit

2004-03-24 20:15:10 ET

i don't wanna die... sometimes wished i'd never been born at all... woo i used to play that song on the piano all the time... and that part would always make me a little emo... haha specially the very end

2004-03-24 20:18:26 ET

hehe every time i hear that song i think Wayne's World..me and my cousins used to do that in the back of my moms lil chevy spectrum. haha it was great!

i also have a version of it by The Braids, which is amazing

2004-03-24 20:20:03 ET

haha that's cool :-) i love wayne's world :-) great memories

2004-03-24 20:25:57 ET

indeed :D

2004-03-25 05:29:50 ET

violas random thought:

it is entirely way!! too pretty and nice out today to be stuck in this office!!!

kk, done, thanks

*cheesie grin*

2004-03-25 05:31:19 ET

oh oh

and yes, QUeeN RUleS


2004-03-25 19:27:06 ET

who doesnt love queen?

can do no wrong

2004-03-25 19:28:08 ET

indeed...very sad about Freddie though, I still cry whenever I see any programs about him or Queen.

2004-03-25 19:30:26 ET

you dont see much anymore though..

well i guess you can say you do because of we will rock you and we are the champions..hmm..sports sucked the life out of those songs

2004-03-25 19:33:10 ET

indeed, good thing i dont' watch a lot of sports haha

2004-03-25 19:36:47 ET

amen to that sista!

2004-03-25 19:40:52 ET

though i did like the little bit of it that was used in A Knights Tale, haha that movie was funny as hell

2004-03-25 19:41:54 ET

i havent seen it!

2004-03-25 19:48:19 ET

O_o hehe it's actually nto all that funny,it's more well ok i cry a whole lot, but they use a lot of "modern" music in it which adds a nice twist

2004-03-25 19:49:47 ET

its a sad movie with modernized queen..now i just have to kill myself from this confusion

2004-03-25 19:50:59 ET

haha nooo noo not modernized queen, it's a movie, that is set back in the well time when they had knights..and they use a lot of music from like now..well acutally it's david bowie and queen with a few others, and it adds a nice twist to it all, though it made a lot of people mad.

i liked it a lot..plus..heath ledger is in it.

though onthe down side, so is that actor with the funky eye..*shudders* he's just weird

2004-03-25 19:53:33 ET

haha those actors are so odd. you just stare at the samething everyone esle is starring at. like its gonna jump out at you. ha!

2004-03-25 19:57:02 ET

haha...he has this weird eye with a scar and it's all lazy-eye like and well the poor guy you know he's never going to be able to play a good guy..wella ctually he tried, adn the movie failed haha.

he was in bless the child...bad guy in that movie too..

2004-03-25 20:02:31 ET

i must be really lacking in this movie thing..

i have no idea what that even is ha!

2004-03-25 20:18:22 ET

hehe i watch one too many movies

2004-03-25 20:19:03 ET

i watch to many johnny movies

i get screens stuck in my head and in dreams..is almost freaky

2004-03-25 20:21:55 ET

2004-03-25 20:22:07 ET

well it don't look so creepy there

2004-03-26 15:03:49 ET

haha he looks adoreable! i could just eat his face all up..

starting with the eyes of death

2004-03-26 17:36:21 ET

haha actaully that picture of him is the most attractive one i could find..go watch some of those movies..he's least attractive hehe

2004-03-26 21:13:53 ET

he is no johnny depp..i must believe to the fullest

2004-03-26 21:22:31 ET

oh no he' sure as hell isn't no johnny depp

2004-03-26 22:00:24 ET

well maybe thats a good thing?

might have to fall for him if that was true

2004-03-26 22:03:59 ET

indeed it is a good thing *nodnod* there can be only one :D

2004-03-26 22:09:44 ET

will you be my friend?!

since well you agree on this very important issue of the beauty of senor depp

2004-03-26 22:10:12 ET

well of course ^_^

2004-03-26 22:18:17 ET


mark a day in history for this

2004-03-26 22:18:49 ET

It's goin on the calendar

johnny depp day *nodnod*

2004-03-26 22:30:24 ET

aw every woman should be waiting for that..this day

2004-03-26 22:31:25 ET

*nodnod* it's a good day..a very very good day..

2004-03-26 22:32:07 ET


there should be more days like this?

2004-03-26 22:32:28 ET

indeed there should...oooh think about it..johnny depp...year! O_o

2004-03-26 22:33:19 ET

ooooo man!

johnny depp 24/7.. intense ..insane.. extreme...happiness

2004-03-26 22:38:58 ET

that would be *passes out from the thought of it*

2004-03-26 23:10:20 ET

it's bad that i must agree about depp... he's a beautiful man... and y'all won't hear me say that about too many... O_o...

no more milkshake avatar :'(

2004-03-27 04:11:58 ET

hehe i had to share the lil homie love :)

2004-03-27 21:30:54 ET

i understand

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