my tummy hates me
2004-03-25 17:57:46 ET

time to lay down and watch emperor's new groove again hehe.

i never get tired of that damn funny!

anyone who wants to talk , feel free to message my phone, or message me on AIM

if you don't know my screen name or my cell number...mayhaps you should ask hehe.

2004-03-25 18:24:02 ET

is that prince??

2004-03-25 18:25:59 ET

Jezzits! Yes it is ..isn't he amazing? hehe

2004-03-25 18:26:30 ET

yes! he's so hot!

2004-03-25 18:27:18 ET

hehe indeed :) i had to take this for my wallpaper cause it's just amazing and beautiful.

i posted bout him a few posts ago by the by

2004-03-25 18:28:16 ET

oh- yeah- i looked back one or two, but im lazy so i decided to ask anyways.
but yes, prince is gorgeous

2004-03-25 18:30:15 ET

*nodnod* my mom has been uber obsessed with him since before i was born so i grew up listening to his stuff.

i'm going to try and see him when he's here

2004-03-25 18:32:15 ET

what?? he's touring??

2004-03-25 18:33:50 ET

it's his last one, and when he's in the cities, he's goign to broadcast it to Regal Cinema movie theatres and people can go watch it there for like $15 or something

2004-03-25 19:32:23 ET

I love that movie, one of my top 10 I would say.

2004-03-25 19:33:34 ET

it's awesome hehe david spade definately made it great

2004-03-25 19:36:14 ET

for sure, if anyone else had done it, it prolly woulda been lame.

2004-03-25 19:36:42 ET

he's the king of sarcasm, no one could have done it better

2004-03-25 19:40:54 ET

I agree. my favorite line is "yay I'm a llama again!! wait..."

2004-03-25 19:47:49 ET

haah i like the whole movie, it's full of sooo many good parts..

"this is the real me.." "this...not this....winner...loooser"

"uh oh.." "dont' tell me we're about to go over a huge water fall" "yup" "sharp rocks at the bottom?" "most likely" "bring it on!"

and then there's cronk haha *falls over laughing*

haha i could go on for hours..i'll stop now

2004-03-26 09:54:57 ET

NO TOUCHY!!! noooo touchy

2004-03-26 09:55:19 ET

hehe..wondered when you'd come add on


2004-03-26 09:56:56 ET

I <3 <3 <3 that movie!!!

2004-03-26 09:57:29 ET


2004-03-26 17:45:00 ET

sweet, I get made fun of a lot for loving that movie.

2004-03-26 17:46:09 ET

awww well whoever makes fun of you is just lacking in good taste hehe

2004-03-26 17:48:45 ET

for real.

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