this is why i don't like it when we have nice weather...
2004-03-25 19:14:18 ET

The groups of people hanging around outside my building have started up again.

You know, some people do enjoy sleeping


2004-03-25 20:26:24 ET

....This has nothing to do with anything - well it actually has to do with SOMETHING, know. - but I LOVE your icon. <3

2004-03-25 20:27:19 ET

hehe well thanks :D

2004-03-25 20:53:32 ET


2004-03-25 20:54:29 ET

^_^ oh and congrats on the guitar :D

2004-03-25 21:22:28 ET

Oh thank you! ^^ *well pleased*

2004-03-25 21:44:19 ET

very welcome hehe rawk on :D

2004-03-25 21:54:38 ET a year or so, anyway. ^_~

2004-03-25 21:57:07 ET

hehe well at least it will be rawkage

2004-03-25 22:08:08 ET

One can hope. ^_^v

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