2004-03-26 06:50:20 ET

My neighbor, once again, woke me up at 8:00 am because apparently she thinks she's the only one on this floor who sleeps. *grumbles* she NEVER catches her door so BAM! every monrning well actually any time during the day or night..whenever she goes into or comes out of her room, 8 times out of 10 the door slams behind her. and it's not one of those slams that is easily ignored, these doors are fargin heavy! and my bed is right by the wall only a few feet from her door so needless to say I just about fell out of my bed haha.

now if only she had done so when I actually needed her to wake me. just woke up..well bout 15 min ago...class started..now 45 min ago. *grumbles* and when I woke up at 8 I checked to make sure I had reset my alarm to go off at 10:30 am, and it was set, and the volume is ALL the way up...but alas..i wake up and it's still set haha wtf?! it's a brand new $20 alarm clock (normally i buy the really cheap ones so this was a little bit of a splurge) figured if i paid more it'd work better...nope...*grumbles* bastard

umm ok that's all for now hehe i'm done complaining off to sleep some more..no use in crying over spilled milk...

mmm milk..*goes to get strawberry milk from the fridge*

2004-03-26 07:00:02 ET

Morning sucks...

Mmmmm strawberry milk.......

2004-03-26 07:22:14 ET

strawberry milk is the bestest ever...

2004-03-26 07:25:44 ET

(Honestly, that's to add a number 6 to my count)

.....*goes to Walgreens for Strawberry milk*

2004-03-26 09:21:11 ET

haha a dancing skunk...the weirdest stuff shows up on my page *shakes head*

2004-03-26 09:23:28 ET

badger. not skunk!

2004-03-26 09:27:32 ET

oooh sorry my bad...


haha a dancing badger...the weirdest stuff shows up on my page *shakse head*

happy?? ;)

2004-03-26 09:28:40 ET

Shakse head?


2004-03-26 09:34:04 ET

oh for the love of pete!



2004-03-26 09:37:52 ET

ok i'm happy now ;)

2004-03-26 09:39:25 ET

yay! *dances around*

2004-03-26 09:43:56 ET

*flails like an idiot and calls it dancing*

2004-03-26 09:45:36 ET

ooh that's the best kind of dancing *nodnod*

2004-03-26 09:46:51 ET


*continues to flail until he hits himself in the face*

2004-03-26 09:48:08 ET

*giggles*..i mean um..oops...you otay? :D

2004-03-26 09:48:59 ET

*bleeds from the nose*

yeah i'll live

*starts to flail again and gets blood all over the place*

2004-03-26 09:51:46 ET

oooh pretty colors...it's like the scene from Blade with all the blood in the sprinklers *turns on Confusion...jumps around*

2004-03-26 09:53:53 ET

*continues to flail until he passes out from blood loss*

2004-03-26 09:55:43 ET

*realizes its nose blood...runs off to take a shower* icky!

2004-03-26 09:56:22 ET

*lies unconscious bleeding to death because he broke his own nose*

2004-03-26 09:58:27 ET

*comes back all clean...ponders if he ends up unconcious on everyone's page*...hmm...

2004-03-26 10:58:17 ET

the nerve of those bastardos *shakes fist* <333

2004-03-26 17:32:54 ET

i see my favorite booty :::snickers:::..

tis why i hate alarm clocks... that and it takes more then that to wake me up :-\

2004-03-26 17:38:36 ET

hehe what's funny is the girl next door who was slamming her door over and over again ..*snickers* she broke her message board thingy, it fell on the floor *snickers*

2004-03-26 17:47:19 ET

hahaha... :-)... well then payback ;-)

2004-03-26 17:47:56 ET

indeed it is

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