*giggles* i have a new name
2004-03-26 21:40:17 ET

So, as is normal hehe..i had to go to the little girls room, and on my way, i see these three people at the elevator which is right by the door to the little girls room. i didn't think anything of it cause i try to keep to myself and not make eye contact with many people...and then the inevitable happens. i hear from the guy ..

"sup lil homie?"

haha i looked up surprised cause i wasn't sure he was talking to me but when i spotted him looking at me i just smiled real big and said "um..hey" and continued on my way into the bathroom..

the encounters around this place are priceless..

and in honor of this new title...hehe a new avatar:D

2004-03-26 22:23:35 ET

oh shiz

2004-03-26 22:25:48 ET

hehe i'm damn cute!

i can't make myself a real "ghetto-fied" picture so i'll go for the cartoon me as ghetto hehe ;)

and my new nickname helps

2004-03-26 22:26:27 ET

lol shiz....seriously thats funnnay....
i must make the avatar now too....mine will look funny

2004-03-26 22:28:42 ET

hehe they have SOOOO many options it's soo cool...

2004-03-26 22:38:12 ET

those eyes are all anime like!

2004-03-26 22:39:34 ET

*falls over laughing* oooh ra-ra...your's is hularious!!

2004-03-26 22:41:15 ET

you LOVE it!
you wish you had coo facial hair like meee

2004-03-26 22:42:50 ET

haha nooo i'm glad i dont' have facial hair ...costs too much to get it removed haha ^_^

2004-03-26 22:44:19 ET

thats why i keep mine
i happen to think its shexay

2004-03-26 22:44:38 ET


2004-03-26 22:45:07 ET

*dances around singign to the "ursher" song stuck in my head*

2004-03-26 22:47:54 ET

I hate how theyre fuckin wearing that song out
I used to <3 it

2004-03-26 22:48:48 ET

no shit...i <3 it , but it's on MTV every five min..seriously every commercial break they play a bit of it

2004-03-26 22:49:12 ET

i know the whole video by heart

2004-03-26 22:50:51 ET

yeah.....we're redoing the house...and my radio is shit so we leave the tv on MTV to listen
And that song has done been wore out
I liked it lots like 2 months ago
Now its gettin old

2004-03-26 23:15:01 ET

still like your milkshake avatar better :-\... :::sniffles:::

2004-03-27 04:12:40 ET

i sowwy it's still in the gallery hehe

2004-03-27 21:38:34 ET

lol thats hilarious...i miss those encounters

2004-03-27 21:41:17 ET

it's otay me just messin' with you :-)

2004-03-29 19:45:29 ET

class act g funk masta

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