*dances around singing* i wont' stop til i get'em in they birfday suuuit...
2004-03-30 08:19:35 ET

haha anyway..thought of the day:

in my humble opinion, it stops being a "mini-wheat" when it's a) classified as a "big bite" and/or b) is over 2 inches in length.

damn those "mini-wheat" people..grabbed the box cause i thought it was the actual..you know "mini" kind cause that's what the damn box says, then i open it and BAM..huge friggin pieces of wheat with a lilllllllllll bit o' frosting *cries*

oh well it's better than a bagel i guess *shrugs*

2004-03-30 08:25:15 ET


*falls out of chair*

i got up at my grandmas this morning craving a bowl of cereal, FINALLY found the cereal.......

she had no milk :(

2004-03-30 08:26:58 ET

oh damn that sucks....almost as bad as my non-mini-mini-wheats predicament

2004-03-30 08:27:04 ET

promise me when i get there you will have cereal AND milk??

2004-03-30 08:27:32 ET

well dur! and even if i didn't, the cupboard is open til midnight hehe

2004-03-30 08:28:11 ET

we at least that is an option

2004-03-30 08:29:20 ET

yuppers...though cereal boxes there cost 5

2004-03-30 08:31:38 ET

Have you ever seen the actualy lumps of shredded wheat? like 5 inches long 3 inches wide and an inch thick. It IS a bowl and you just pour milk on it and eat it with a fork!

2004-03-30 08:36:48 ET

yeah i've seen thouse...and i'd never eat that...this was messy enough, and way too time consuming for a damn bowl of cereal

2004-03-30 08:39:40 ET

AND they have NO frosting!!!

2004-03-30 08:42:51 ET


2004-03-30 10:01:22 ET

ginormous pieces of wheat??? how are these better than bagels madam??? *hugs* i miss you ms. natasha! :( :( :(

2004-03-30 10:38:43 ET

huh uh....blashemy. Bagels are heaven, wheat is for horses...BAGELS!

2004-03-30 10:43:40 ET

well ok so they were OUT OF BAGELS *grumbles* when will the bastards pay attention to the fact that everyone wants plain and only like 5 people one each of teh other ones that they make a zillion of.

2004-03-30 10:49:41 ET

yeah no shit...i remember those days

2004-03-30 16:48:17 ET

Gonna have to go with Kandess on that one, there. Shredded wheat, mini or unmini, just can't compare to a bagel. :P

"Doctor, I had a terrible dream!"
"And what was the dream?"
"I dreamed I was eating shredded wheat!"
"How was that so terrible?"
"When I woke up, half the mattress was gone!"

2004-03-30 16:53:57 ET

*giggles* why do i know that?

2004-03-31 10:48:30 ET

hehehe i'm gonna go ahead and say that bagels are good but dognuts are better

2004-03-31 11:06:07 ET

hahaha i try to stay away from dognuts as much as possible

2004-04-02 11:22:01 ET

hey hey...Bagels damnit, eat more bagels. with the creamy creamy cheesy cream, cheesy cheesy

2004-04-02 21:04:46 ET

Yes, eat bagels with cream cheese. And lox... *drools*

2004-04-03 05:55:19 ET

ewwwww lox

2004-04-03 23:58:31 ET

INFIDEL! ::smites::

2004-04-05 01:11:22 ET


2004-04-05 08:09:04 ET

Fish does not belong on bagels!

2004-04-05 14:21:42 ET

sure it does...wait...er..wait

2004-04-06 06:16:45 ET


2004-04-06 20:46:37 ET

I like fish on bagels! Lox or pickled herring with cream cheese on a bagel, delicious... Quit looking at me like that! :P

2004-04-06 21:05:13 ET


2004-04-06 21:08:38 ET

Heeeyyyyy... Meanie... *bug-eyed stare at Kandess*

2004-04-06 21:11:26 ET


2004-04-06 21:12:28 ET

*sticks out tongue, rolls eyes, sticks finger up his nose* .....Duuuuuhhhhhhh :P

2004-04-06 21:13:48 ET

*....long pause*....freak

2004-04-06 21:20:51 ET

...And? *grins*

2004-04-06 21:24:48 ET

*shrugs* just freak...nothing more

2004-04-06 21:26:55 ET

Aww... I was hoping for some more colorful descriptors. :P

2004-04-06 21:40:15 ET

i'll leave colorful descriptions for my roleplay

2004-04-06 21:46:44 ET

Hehe.. ;)

This post is now way too long.

2004-04-06 21:46:58 ET


2004-04-07 06:23:11 ET

no post is ever too long.... roleplay what now?

2004-04-07 07:58:13 ET

*drop kicks the talk of fish and lox off my page* hehehe

2004-04-07 09:00:57 ET

Lol istn't it nice to be able to look back and see where we went off on this tangent instead of stopping in misentance 20 minutes later going... wtF?

2004-04-08 08:38:20 ET

oh tangents are always had on SK, especially on a page involving moi and kandess..well and you of course now hehe.

2004-04-08 15:01:57 ET

hey hey...tangents and i get along quite well...=) besides...I make shit fun

2004-04-08 20:54:45 ET

tangents are great

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