don't f*ck with me *pulls out ball-point pen.....clickclick*
2004-03-30 17:32:04 ET

so this has been the night of

"friends" making me feel stupid

"friends" helping to reinforce my own feelings of self-worthlessness...

and other FRIENDS trying to help make me feel better...I love you guys...the real friends I have. too bad you guys can't live here.

I'm going to get offline for a while but for those of you wanting to talk to me, I will be back later...promise :)

2004-03-30 18:27:10 ET

shoo saw ya not on and got to wonderin' O_o... :::sigh of relief:::

*hugs* much love..
just ignore them...

2004-03-30 19:30:13 ET

i'd lvoe to just ignore them but right now...they're all i have

2004-03-30 19:55:43 ET

*dances around*

not for much loooooonger

neeeener neeeeener


2004-03-30 20:01:31 ET

nope not for much longer indeed

2004-03-30 20:23:35 ET

yeap yeap... eventually you are gonna be over=run by us :::snickers::: and there's nothin' you can do to stop it... muahahaha

2004-03-30 20:25:14 ET

hey, i don't want to stop it :)

2004-03-30 20:44:25 ET

that's good cause you can't... muahahahahahahaha... take that people that don't know what they have... \m/

2004-03-30 20:49:37 ET


2004-03-30 21:06:51 ET


*heads together, swaying back and forth, sex on the beacheseseses high in the air, singing*




(then we fall to the floor laughing our asss off cause, well cause for one we are drunk, and for two, haha, well reason one is good enough for me, tehe)

2004-03-30 21:11:35 ET

*falls over laughing* oook you know we will soooo end up doing that

2004-03-30 21:12:53 ET

lol, i was laying in the bed wide awake, thinking, of course, and that came to my head and i thought OMG i gotttttta go put that like RIGHT NOW!!! hehe

2004-03-30 21:14:41 ET's kinda like

"gueeessss who's got the flaaassshhhlighhhht" or

"loooooooosen up.....looooooooseeen up"

2004-03-30 21:16:35 ET

haha i know

the other day at work we all were laughing sooooo hard and ronda said something about her stomach hurting from laughing sooo hard. and that is the first thing that came to my mind.



2004-03-30 21:17:50 ET

hahaha sounds like fun :::dreamy gaze:::

2004-03-30 21:18:32 ET

it's sooo great, stuff like that is the best in the world..especially since stuff like that is what you think of when you are laughign soooo hard and need to stop, but it makes you laugh more

2004-03-30 21:30:22 ET

yeah like when you are laughing really really hard and you snort, OMG, then the laughing and tears never stop!!!

2004-03-30 21:31:02 ET

hahahahha that is soooo great

2004-03-30 21:31:52 ET


i love it!!!

makes me laugh just thinking about it!

2004-03-30 21:32:19 ET

hehe me too

2004-03-30 21:33:07 ET

damn i miss high school!

amazingly enough

2004-03-30 21:34:53 ET


2004-03-30 21:36:12 ET

well, freshman year anyway, the rest of the short amount of time i was there, it sux, but that besides the point

2004-03-30 21:42:02 ET

i miss a lot fo stuff

2004-03-30 21:44:13 ET

so you know that i am gonna eat you out of house, and use all your clean towels, and leave my shit all over your dorm room, and get on your nerves,


i mean, a whole week??!! we me??!! JESUS!!


2004-03-30 21:46:08 ET

jezzits ..hah we'll have fun

2004-03-30 21:46:26 ET

haha... wow sounds exactly like me!!! this is gonna be great!!!...
and i'll be able to use cheesy lines like...
"i love your clothes... in a pile on the floor :::wink wink:::"

2004-03-30 21:46:54 ET


2004-03-30 21:47:53 ET

we shall have fun indeed *dances around*

gabe: haha!!

2004-03-30 21:48:24 ET

i want fun NOW

2004-03-30 21:48:41 ET


2004-03-30 21:49:07 ET

oh i can't wait... YAY!!

2004-03-30 21:50:33 ET

hehe *dances*

2004-03-30 21:50:43 ET

*dances around*

2004-03-30 21:53:16 ET

*dances to Ursher song stuck in my head*

2004-03-30 21:54:07 ET

hehe, i saw that cd today, looked at the back of it and said WHOA!!! haha


2004-03-30 21:54:41 ET

???? why ???

2004-03-30 21:56:24 ET

just a KICK ASS pic of him!! looking all hott and shitz

2004-03-30 21:56:46 ET


2004-03-30 21:57:25 ET

:::arms crossed::: but... but... ok he's hot damnit :::sulks:::

2004-03-30 21:58:02 ET

yeah but you is sessy too :)

2004-03-30 22:02:54 ET

yea but next to him :::shakeshead::: he's like filet mignon... and i'm like chicken... :'(

2004-03-31 04:34:55 ET

chicken is just as good!!!
don't be so hard on yourself

2004-03-31 05:33:50 ET

chicken is not near as rich in flavor... valuable... high class... and :::tear::: chicken is so greasy!!!... it's just too greasy!! :::sobs:::

2004-03-31 07:55:38 ET

lol, you're not right boy!!


2004-03-31 11:07:33 ET

i happen to like chicken much better than filet so :P

2004-03-31 11:13:17 ET


2004-03-31 18:16:49 ET

:::grins::: well then i guess bein' a chicken is a good thing right now... :-* :-D

2004-03-31 18:36:56 ET

it is a good thing :) chicken is much better *nodnod* i'll let viola have the filet ;)

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