Good idea....Bad idea....
2004-04-01 08:46:44 ET

Good idea, cleaning my room before i left for spring break...

Bad idea, hiding the plug for my vaccum before i left for spring break...

I can't find the damn thing so now i can't vaccum and do you know how hard it is to pick up the dust on my floor with just a swifter and a dust pan? *cries* my room looks sooo dirty *cries* oh well

on a side note, the friend I was bitching about earlier this week has decided that since him and chris have sunday and monday off they are going to come visit sunday, which ok that's fine and all but geesh lets not forget tasha has classes...oh well i'm still going to go to class, cause i didn't go this week a couple of times. damn the man, some one needs to motivate me. like now. haha.

i'm also thinking of switching majors, have a major in psychology and a minor in criminology. my crim grades aren't that great for some reason (no it's not cause i dont' go cause that's just this semester thank you :P ) and I want my grades to look good not just ok.

alright that's all for now...*skips off*

2004-04-01 11:47:33 ET

Why did you hide your plug?

2004-04-01 14:42:25 ET

cause she is silly like that, dur!!

tehe, j/k


*dances around* two days!!!!!!!!!!

2004-04-01 15:19:25 ET

I didn't hide it on purpose damnit! I put it away, and damn the man I can't find it!!!!!

2004-04-01 15:48:04 ET

don't get all huffy


you will find it, promise

2004-04-01 15:56:08 ET

hahah my carpet is like the ish! haha i wanna clean it and i'm so tempted to use duck tape haha

2004-04-01 16:27:30 ET

i can so see you on your hands and knees "duck taping" your rug!!


2004-04-01 17:04:12 ET

haha i would!!

2004-04-02 11:18:09 ET

you would? or you have?

2004-04-02 12:53:07 ET

i would, i haven't, but i would......hey guess what? TOMORROW

2004-04-02 16:50:24 ET

*dances around*



2004-04-02 18:12:15 ET

hehe i'm soooo esited!

2004-04-02 20:58:21 ET


and now i must run off and go to bed, cause i got like a SIX HOUR drive!!!



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