To all of you who might care haha
2004-04-02 22:02:19 ET

Ok, so I just wanted to inform those of you who I correspond with via text messaging on the phone, that I probably won't be doing that quite so often anymore.

You can still message me and I'll probably message you back, but I used to sign onto AOL via my phone, not goin to do that anymore.

I went a little over on my messages this month, VERY large phone bill...VERY VERY yeah haha

if you need me you can message and be like *cartman voice* "hey you get your bitchass online...or something" and i'll sign on if i can :)

ok that's all just wanted to inform everyone in one big message instead of explaining half a dozen times.

<3 much love <3

2004-04-02 22:06:54 ET

I know that feeling, i've paid my $44 phone bill...4 times in one month.

2004-04-02 22:12:42 ET

that's how much mine is, well 176 which is 44 4x *nodnod*

2004-04-02 22:15:08 ET

we're horrible

2004-04-02 22:28:02 ET


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