Some good news..for once haha
2004-04-02 22:30:39 ET

So know how i'm all paranoid about my grades..well thank jeezits I sent in an email to the lady that I do my scheduling with (she's not my real advisor but oh well she's nicer than my real advisor haha) and asked the "stupid question" (which i did say I'm about to ask a stupid question, cause i felt damn stupid asking it) anyway i asked that if i took a class a second time if the grade would count towards my GPA. I know that it doesn't count for credit hours, but that's not what I was carin about. and she emailed me back (unlike the damn PE instructor I emailed last week who still hasn't answered me) and told me that it would *dances* yay! now i'm not so paranoid about if i do bad. cause i can do better hehe whoot!!

2004-04-05 06:43:26 ET

*dances around*



2004-04-07 04:53:04 ET

woop woop *hugs* :-) sounds like a plan

2004-04-07 07:59:08 ET

*hugs for all*

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