giggity giggity giggity allllllll riiiiight
2004-04-07 08:02:49 ET

wow..hehe look it's me :D

um..haven't posted for a while, i've been around, just haven't posted. i gots visitors so it's hard to get internet time hehe.

though i do check up on things so i'm not gonna neglect my SK family *passes around the hugs and smooches*

ok that's all for now..gotta get ready for my next class.

2004-04-07 11:09:11 ET

:::bights lip::: :::grins::: *attacks* :-*

well atleast you haven't forgotten about us ;-)
oh wait... i'm here... :::shakesbutt in front of everyone::: :-P j/k
i so happy... cheer cheer... joy joy... *attacks*
otay... must stop and get ready... <3 ya tata

2004-04-08 08:21:46 ET

who da dawg

2004-04-08 08:44:54 ET

you forgot it's

"Whoo DAT Dawg?!"

"are you dat dawg?!"



*heavy country accent on those last two haha.

2004-04-08 10:40:08 ET

widyadidya :-*

2004-04-08 15:11:33 ET

*shakes head* all this fun and no Kandess....grrr *looks out window sadly at truck with no dreams*

2004-04-08 20:57:59 ET

*giggles* haha

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