*falls over laughing*
2004-04-08 20:59:46 ET

FAT-KINS diet...

new foamy cartoon



2004-04-08 22:30:37 ET

oh man i love that!

2004-04-09 07:01:52 ET

lol, you knew that Atkins died of a heart disease didn't you?

2004-04-09 08:41:06 ET

yeah , he talks about that in the skit thingy.

something about being on a deadmans diet.

2004-04-09 11:22:17 ET


i miss my foamy

2004-04-09 11:40:54 ET

this is becoming a new favorite site..

how come i can never find sites like this?!

2004-04-09 19:19:15 ET

i adore the foamster...you will become...addicted

2004-04-09 20:40:37 ET

i am seriously addicted

2004-04-09 22:26:32 ET

hmm well im enjoying this addiction..hm yum

2004-04-10 19:01:31 ET

*dances around*

*points to my page*

2004-04-11 11:45:03 ET

i saw your page...hehe <3 much love <3

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