The only pictures I got scanned so far
2004-04-11 18:58:00 ET

After I got these scanned my scanner quit working :( so I'm working on getting it fixed so I can get the rest up, most of which are way better than these, but I do like these two.


Matty 2, I don't like this one as much:


Viola after I messed with it a little:

2004-04-11 19:16:04 ET

haha matt's a trip...
tryin' to figure out what kinder drink that was beside viola haha

2004-04-11 21:55:00 ET

oh it's a bottle of whatever that's in matts room. i don't remember what he said it was.

2004-04-12 04:01:13 ET

um, i don't like that pic of me



2004-04-12 09:14:23 ET

what? you are silly i think it looks really good :P

2004-04-12 09:24:52 ET


2004-04-12 11:12:00 ET

that top pic of matt is really nice... maybe he won't get as pissed about that one? hahaha...

and i like that pic 2... wished tash would get some pics up of her 2 :-P she's so pertty...

2004-04-12 11:16:58 ET

*nodnod* indeed she is hehe

2004-04-12 11:42:27 ET

i really really like that one of matt. and i don't have any of me, you have some of me though on your cam vi

2004-04-12 11:47:57 ET

INDEED!!! and i can't believe i have to WAIT till thursday!!!! MAN THAT SUX!!!

i am dying!!

2004-04-12 11:55:11 ET

haha yeah that sucks

2004-04-12 13:31:56 ET

hahaha i think it's pretty cool cause i know there's way too many of me on it :'(... and that is horrible :::tear:::

2004-04-12 13:41:10 ET

we will see if they are horrible or not

2004-04-12 14:24:29 ET

i hope not... but i'd say they probably is... :-(

2004-04-12 14:43:34 ET

no way

2004-04-13 05:25:44 ET

:::fingers crossed:::

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